Did I cause this? Or was it deliverance? Freaking out, help

I’m distressed and in urgent need of some wise insight from this community.

As some of you might have noticed, I published a couple of posts here trying to make sure of how safe it can be working with spirits for greater wealth, such as Lucifuge, Belphegor, Mammon and Clauneck.

To summarise, I’m experienced but due to some trauma I went through I became anxious and paranoid about hurting my beloved family as a side effect.

Well, most of the kind answers I got were very sensible, reassuring that as long as we give clear directions to the spirits in regards to where wealth comes from, have streams from where money might flow and clearly state to the demons who we don’t want to be harmed, it should be OK (which is also my belief anyway).

I did some evocation to Bune, Orobas, Seere, Clauneck and Mammon a week or so ago, all spirits with whom I had worked previously with no trouble.

I was reading on Lucifuge and Belphegor and starting some light inner dialogue with the latter, trying to know him better before attempting anything. Then I started to sense some movement anytime Belphegor came to mind, like small results appearing. Clients ringing in, 3 scratch tickets with 5£ prize in a row, small stuff like that.

Curious, I sent a comment to S. Connolly asking her similar questions on how safe it would be to work with Belphegor, because I loved her ritual with him. She was very kind and gave me a similar answer to the ones I got here (I attach it below) . I was excited to start as soon as I calmed myself and ready to let go of my stupid, crippling fear that has been cramping my style for years. I didn’t actually do any work with Belphegor or Lucifuge though.

And then out of nowhere, my beloved mum, that I adore above everything, had a minor heart attack and had to be rushed to hospital. She seems to be recovering OK but she had never been sick before, so I’m perfectly terrified.

She was very lucky that it happened in public and near the hospital. I can’t imagine what could have happened if she were alone.

Now I’m devastated and filled with doubt.

Did my fears cause this?

Did the spirits do it? Was it the ritual? Was it my “meditation” with Belphegor (I didn’t properly meditate, I kind of had an informal mental conversation with him while running errands)?

Or did whatever spirits involved actually try to help by making sure that she was assisted in time?

I was so ready to let go of fear and fight for my dreams but now I feel crushed.

Please help me make some sense of all this.

Thank you all.

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It is unlikely the spirits had anything to do with your mother’s heart attack. Heart attacks are fairly common, and can happen out of the blue, even in perfectly healthy people. All it takes is a minor disruption of the heart’s rhythm. Someone can even have a heart attack and not even know it, which is what actually happened to my own father. It took a doctor with a medical text book to diagnose it because it didn’t present the usual symptoms.

There is no valid reason to draw any connection between your mother’s condition, and the spirits you contacted. Magicians need to accept that the vagaries of life can still happen without the influence of any spirits. To believe anything else will lead to maladaptive paranoia.



Your letting your mind and imagination run amok.

You gotta let that shit go and power through.

This will turn into self sabotage if you let it.

Youll create a negative belief of “if I pursue my dreams bad things will happen

You may need to look within and really ask yourself where all this fear is coming from. Shadow work


I agree with what @DarkestKnight wrote above.

And despite the positive signs you receive from the entity, I feel a lot of insecurity and fear in you.

You are not doing anything wrong and you have sincere intentions. Do not be afraid.

When you finish your ritual, ask the Demon to protect you and your loved ones and that nothing bad happens to you, and also ask him to do a banishing and clean your place from all bad things.

I wish your mother a speedy recovery.

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Thank you, wise as always and I absolutely agree. I did forget to list “sheer coincidence” as another possibility. It’s just the timing that is weird AF.

Actually it sounds like your work with the spirits protected her, and I agree with your thoughts on the great luck you had in her getting the help she needed.

There is an epidemic of myocarditis which causes heart attacks going around at the moment, they’re calling is “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”, as for some people it’s a documented side effect of the c19 jab. If she took the jab and if this is what’s affecting her you can do extra healing work to make sure it doesn’t bother her again.

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Absolutely agree. Do you suggest I continue to study and eventually do the rituals I had in mind?

I was thinking of taking therapy for 6 months because these wealth blocks and paranoia need to go. I’m not familiar with shadow work, but I see so many here in the forum talking about it. I will take a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

That’s so amazing of you, thank you. Yes, loads of fear although I barely ever had any negative experience with angels or goetics/demons.

As for protecting me and mine, do you think that more extreme entities such as Lucifuge and Belphegor would be kind to do it? I did sense a vibe of friendship from Belphegor, he seems very warm. But it hadn’t occurred to me that they’d help me with “nice” requests like that. I’d be honoured and happy to rely on their protection.

I have that feeling too. It was definitely lucky, and the spirits might have been involved because as I stated above, I strongly sense that Belphegor especially took a shine to me for some reason. I always employ the protection of St Michael the Archangel though, and my mum adores him, so he had probably his hand in this as well.

I can’t thank you all enough for your words of support and wise insights. It really means so much! Thank you.

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Belphegor is a kind and great spirit, always show respect to him, i m sure you will be ok, ask for protection too and don t forget to banish. I dont say you should alway banish but if you feel something is wrong, do it for your own peace . Have a nice day and i wish you and your family all the best.

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Most entities can do this including Lucifuge and Belphegor.
I don’t consider them extreme, but powerful.

Make it a habit and part of your work.

It’s rare for me to personally banish, I leave it to the spirits I called

( closing words )

Great Lord Belphegor,
Thank you for your presence and for listening to me.

I believe and have faith that you are already working and fulfilling my requests, changing the past so that the future I want is now in the present.

I ask when you leave, do it without harming me, my mother and my loved ones, and do a banishing and cleansing to keep all the bad things from us and from this house.

I ask you to use your immense and vast power to protect us from anything that could hurt or harm us.

Thank You

So I said and so be it and happen.

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That is so kind of you! And great advice. Indeed I got a vibration of kindness and warmth from him, that I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t expect him to be stern or mean, but more on the naughty side. Turns out he seems so… Sweet and funny, and as if he was eager to get down to business or excited to work together. Thank you for your kind wishes.

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This is beautifully written and I’ll use it for sure!
May I ask, since you are familiar with him, if you have the same impression of him that I did-kind, warm, excited to work with you and creating quick rapport, working really fast?

Lucifuge, on the other hand, feels a bit sterner and grander.

I’ll ask the doctors some detail on this. Thank you.

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