Did I break my books mojo?


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The energy of the Book is intense when receiving it because it is foreign. After spending time with it your energies adapt and merge with the energies of the tome. Remember the Divs are dormant potentials within self. Once you receive the Book (which is akin to a mirror) it is like seeing and experiencing your reflection for the first time. The novelty of that experience wears off and performing the work will “maintain” the feeling. However, the rush of energy is not so important. The expansion of consciousness is the priority.


Thank you for the information, it is good to know that the book and I are mixing, but it seems from what you have said I have more work to do.

I was also wondering when would it be a good time to create the blackened fire of zohak or contact the divs themselves? I have been working on the stuff from chapter two and taking my time and being cautious, how ever I have not seen nor heard the divs other than a mix of whispers and a sigh, only once, I also have been noticing myself change for the better.
I am torn between wanting to push forward and not wanting to do something and go insane, as your book was very clear that a misstep or steping to far ahead would lead to severe repercussions.
Do you have any advise?


Do the work. When you don’t have a specific item use your imagination to replace it and move forward. The warnings are truly not too severe. People tend to read too much into them. Thrust yourself into the experience. The work is laid out in a logical sequence. Follow the sequence and you will do fine. Apply evil thought, evil speech, and evil action consistently.


Doing is better than not.


Fair enough. I will say that from what I have done and experienced this is an amazing path, and I feel a connection with it. I will take your advice, study the book and push forward.


Damn I miss Austin.


If you cannot use the Urn or do not have an altar you can use black seven day candles to begin.


The warnings are in place regarding the alchemical process and work. Alchemy is like chemistry. Wrong formula. BOOM! The warnings are for those that would disrespect the process. Unfortunately these days simple instructions do not suffice. One gentleman decided he was going to the end of the text to perform the rites of infernal warfare. He never so much as performed Kunda yoga, much less attempt to obtain the garb of darkness via envocation. He is now in a mental institution. Major issues with psychosis.


I experience the mistakes so you do not have to. Now I am working on more advanced Kunda Yoga practices which unite the lower chakras using the seals of Arezura. These chakras deal with mankinds primitive nature. If these become overly active… this is what produces sociopaths and serial killers. I am having a pretty rough time through the process of refining the science. It HAS to be done though, or else I am irresponsible. I would be harming more than helping others. As I make mistakes the consequences are like initiations brought forth from my pact with these entities. I can then through my process of “damnation” place needed warnings so you can benefit and not get fucked up. I guess I can endure it… which is why I was chosen for the work I suppose? Trust me… it is not because I am some “all powerful sorcerer”.


The key is to simply respect the work. The other side of the coin which is being terrified of the work is just as foolish and counterproductive. It is like walking a tight rope at times yes. However this is also how balance through the Path of Smoke is built into the Path itself. You WILL succeed. The insurance policies are built in.


Holy shit. O.O that’s intense. I really don’t know how he figured that would be a good idea. Even tho I’m not the best at understanding things the first time reading even I took notice that you and e.a. said this was dangerous. And that is one of the many thing I liked about the book, if things go bad retrace your steps as you most likely messed up.
On a side not is there any way he could get better?


And questions :grin: lots of questions, preferably to the Divs directly. Works out very well for me and keeps me from being a pest. :laughing:


Last I heard he should be out after the New Year. He should be fine. Remember these are human potentials which have been dormant within the human condition for thousands of years. You can’t just awaken them without a scientific and progressive methodology and expect all to go well. It like putting 2,000 volts through a conduit that can only hold 220. Lol! You need to be rewired through the logical progression of work.


The alchemical work is placed in sequence. Follow aforementioned sequence and put forth SERIOUS effort to stick to the guidelines of the rites. Then you WILL succeed.


That is good to know. Also a thank you for going threw this to make this information public. If you don’t mind my asking how do you deal with what’s going on?


I remain isolated for the most part. I just embrace it as part of the growth process. I endureknowing that this material is not merely revolutionizing the working praxis of the occult, but also empowering others and playing a part in changing the world. I keep DOING knowing that eventually I will perfect the methods.


Thank you for enduring to refine this path. As I am still new to magick what you and the others are and have been going threw sounds terrifying but also inspiring, there is a part of me that wants to throw myself into magick and by using your guy’s advice I have been moving forward. :slight_smile: I was also wondering have the divs said anything about what life will be like when zohak is released?


Man, you don’t want to think about that right now. It is not the VISIONS I have had that matter. It’s what we do to keep that from occurring. After a lot of death and destruction (depending on our thoughts, words and deeds and how they are focused of course) there will be human cooperation. We will thrive.


O.O’ It was kinda an out there question not something I ever thought about. But I did not expect that as an awnser, tho I don’t know what I was expecting.

Any Tolkien fans might like this also, spoilers for the two towers.

When reading your reply and prossessing it the thing that came to mind was the end of the two towers.
Water = zohak or his energy, the dam = the mountain he is confined to, ents = followers of the path of smoke thoes of the LHP, isengard = The world built on limitations and the lands built on war and slavery, the pits = the fire of zathustrian, catapults = tanks and other war machines, saruman = leaders and opresers as well as the god of limitations.
As the ents destroy the dam they released the river as it hit they had to be strong enough to withstand the initial blow and everything else was destroyed and washed away. The fires snuffed and the saruman was left powerless and locked in his tower. Defeted and humiliated. Not saying I know all just some dots that fit well together in my mind.