Did I break my books mojo?


So this may sound strange but I am wondering if there are others who have had this happen.

When I received my copy of “Black Magick of Ahriman” I felt power in the book from the moment I first held it, but on a day I had to work I brought it with me to read on the bus, that is where I get a bit of reading done. Now I can’t feel power from it. I saw that someone used the “Rites of consintration” from the book to give it more power so I did as well still nothing.

As I was leaving with the book the first time a thought popped into my head that said “don’t bring it”. So when I when first started doing magick I did not know enough or have the strength to understand what was happening to me and I got into a bit of trouble so I over time learned to not believe the first thing that popped into my head as a “demon trying to contact me” so I thought nothing of it and went about my day.
I don’t know if I really messed up or if it in my head, any advice would be awesome.


Some people think that sunlight actually affects magical books or magical tools, especially in the darker paths. Some will even wrap the object in question in a black cloth and hide it so sunlight or artificial light can’t get to it. I don’t think that light affects the power of the book too much as long as you treat it well but other people might see it differently.


Thank you for the information. When ever I have brough the book with me after the first tine I keep it in the black satin bag or the “grimoire gaurd” that it came in. Also as a sign of respect it is the only book on my altar (excluding my books of shadows) where it is in the same cloth bag.


Perhaps it has an aura that was not strong enough to mingle in the world. Perhaps wrapping it in dark fabric and giving it time to regenerate its energy will do the trick. Maybe place some obsidian or dark stones on it. Words have power and although I think this is a weird situation, it doesn’t seem crazy to me for some reason. Special things are not for everyone to see.
I guess I kind of have to do the same thing to recharge, now that I think about it. I have to stay at home for days in my safe cocoon to regenerate. I can’t handle people staring and touching and taking my energy (unless I’m out on a Saturday night and that’s the game :wink: ).
Then I have some magickal items that are the same: I am not to photograph my altar or leave my tarot cards unwrapped.


Thank you for the advice, I will try leaving the obsidian stone I have on it and see what happens. I am also wondering how do you know that you can’t take pictures of your altar or leave your tarot cards unwrapped?


I have also noticed that. The last time I picked up my book to read it there was a definite lack of energy and aura coming off of it. I wonder why this is happening to the books. One is one thing but multiple books at the same time makes me curious. I plan on recharging it with the original energies.


I just finished a ritual that should do the trick, but we shall see. I also wonder if recharging an item takes more than one time? I am also wondering if much like the path it’s self it is not some thing you can you pick up every now and again and much like the blackened fire of zohak it takes upkeep. If you have any luck in recharging your copy let me know plz.


They sort of tell me that they are private. I get an intuitive feeling which says that they don’t want people to look at them, like it would harm them in some way. They can’t focus on what they are doing with other things/people pulling on them.
They are powerful yet delicate.


Interesting :thinking: i take my book with me evertime i go to do laundry so i can reread it or the avastan texts. I havent noticed anything like this.


That’s interesting, is it possible that an item wants personal time dedicated to it?


Personally i wouldn’t focus too much on it, if you feel a need for some protection though depending on which path you are exploring the blackened fire of zohak can provide that in both cases. You do not need the alter to make it, just a black Pillar candle.


Maybe your own personal aura is strong enough to keep them safe.
My energy is the same as how I described the objects’. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they are the same. I need lots of time to recharge with myself, I can’t have people looking at me/ taking from me for very long, and neither can my tools.
Curiouser and curiouser

I’ve done magick as a casual thing in the past, knowing that items aren’t alive and that the result is as strong as my will. Now days I view each item as a tool to my ascension and feel they need to be honored, valued, and respected because I honor, value and respect myself. I find my life is more purposeful when I live this way in all areas of my life. It is a more Japanese approach and if you study feng shui you will find that this attitude is at it’s heart.


Wait you can make the blackened fire of zohak without the urn and red candles? So is it like a starter one then as you get further in to the path you get an upgrade? I’m not trying to get out of doing the work but the book was very persise on not going to far ahead without doing the proper steps and if you do it can go either nothing happens or you go crazy.


Yes you can make it without the red candles and the alter. I cant remember if kurtis brought it up on a post here or the facebook group. But it has come up before.

If it was here use the search function in his section, it should come up.


:thinking: hmm maybe, though another factor maybe i consecrated and “awakened” the circle of counter creation in my book almost soon as i got it when it came up on the forum. I am also using the sigils in it for my first rounds of evocations with the divs.

:laughing: first one with Aighash opened up a whole new can of spiritual crazy. Having to ground alot more often.


This post was very insitful and poetic.



As above so below, as within so without


You have also got that Pluto power down pat. Perhaps an item isn’t independent to it’s owner but becomes an extension?


I’d say i have a decent start. By my own standards if i had the degree of mastery that implies i could walk into one of the worst neighborhoods in the city, leave a talisman of conversion and come back a month later to find it prospering.

:thinking: which would be a good experiment to test current level of power… :grin: thanks for the idea spark!!! @fgcb world alchemy start point begins at home :laughing: :sunglasses: :smiling_imp:


Walk on down to 6th street :joy: