Did i achive the Theta Gamma state with a candle?

I sat down and relaxed my self.
I lit a candle and turned off the lights then I glared at the candle for awhile
after 20 minutes my vision got blurry and the room got even darker but not pitch black
No tunnel vision just very blurred vision around the candle.
Almost looked foggy
The candle began to warp and distort sometimes the table underneath looked like it was bending completely
And rather then feeling sleepy I felt very aware of my surroundings

Did I do it?




Looks like you did it and thanks for the steps! I noticed to that it takes a bit longer to reach the state!


Brilliant, I was looking forward to answers to this question also

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I’ve been setting time aside every day to do this. I recently experienced something similar today. Once you reach that point, if you were doing a spell, is that when you would start chanting and/or visualizing your goal as being in the present? Is this the point when you call upon an entity or put your energy into your spell? Thanks!

Hi @Langston,

Yes that’s the point you chant your enn, invocation, spell.

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YES YOU DID CONGRATULATIONS! That technique is referred to as trataka in yoga and Hindu mystic disciplines !

Plus fire itself lends its own energy and helps the process go along :slight_smile:


Thanks Borgy!

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