Did/do your candle of Blackened Fire burn like this (The path of smoke)


Like the title says, I am facinated and I would like to know if you/r candles ever burn like this? Mine seems to always burn a crater as well as making the candle unveil itself like a flower, any clues of what that could mean?

Anything or any note about this would be highly appriciated, the flame burns rather brightly has always been large right from the get go, it also dances a whole lot. The image you see is a used candle I’ve already replaced it, didn’t want to miss out to relight the flame in case I would be asleep incase it starts to burn out.


A portal came to mind immediately.



But dude your candle took a beating. Damn


The other one before this one looked pretty beat, much like this biut the sides were more folded inwards. we’ll have to see how this third one is doing, here’s how the flame looks like in general.The camera of my iphone may make it look as if it’s flashier and brighter than it is.


A portal you say, to the abode of the divs or just a gateway for me to pass through?




Ok, so if continue my pratices in the path of smoke I’ll enter deper into the current the portal I take it?




Excellent answer, thank you. :slight_smile: :pray:


My two bigger candles burned exactly the same way. Exactly the same way…


Any idea from your perspective what it could mean?


Sorry I have no idea. I am still so much in the beginning of my path and skills…


Couldn’t say i usually use jar candles for my alter candles.


Ok. I am getting a couple lf those myself soon. They don’t sell jar candles here in Sweden. >__€


So interesting Niwo, sometimes my candles just disappear, absolutely everything burned!
Btw, pic is beautiful!^^


I try to make most of mine at this point.


What do you mean?


I mean i get the jar holders and make my own candles. That or make new ones with jar candles i got for something else.