Did death energy drain me?

Hello everyone,
So I just tried an idea that I got. So I have this annoying prick I don’t like. I created a black astral construct in the shape of a sphere. I programmed it to suck in the death energy in the area and to hold it and compress it, essentially acting as a gravity center for death energy. As this was done, I lifted up my palm and allowed the sphere to float far above me. I visualized the death energy as this black mist and the sphere did its job. I then sent the sphere to the idiot. Less than a minute later, I had chest pains (very brief) and I felt very tired. Could it have drained me?


You did magick. Yes it drained you. Death Energy is in equal proportion to Life Energy anytime you expend it,so you just gave yourself a major drain.


Welp, time to revisit vampirism. I know magic can drain but I’ve never experienced this much at once.

Well the first thought that came to my mind before replying is is… how do you know the energy drain didn’t just come from you doing magick? What if you were actually vampirized? So if you were vampirized, then you could potentially be up against an experienced predator. Are you trying to kill a sorceror, or just some average joe that does not know anything of magick, spirits and psychic and/or supernatural ability?

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Well it does take some energy to make constructs and this is the first time I’ve had death Energy like this.

It’s an average Joe/tool.

Yeah there are all kinds of pricks out there. Over a period of time you become somewhat like a Connoisseur that “collects them,” and grows a refined taste to where you develop the ability to make those witty comments like they do with wine, coffee, tea.

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