Did a Rune Reading for a Friend a got him to do a Ritual invoving Sitri too!

Iremoved a blockade from his life. which had done a lot of damage by him by being so stubborn, he told his ex GF whom he has kids with she can’t be with anyone else as he still wants her , anyway my reading was spot on according to him and the advice i believe will change his luck as the runes said anyway, i already witnessed a coincidentally lucky escape with the Law for him as i was with him, i told him in Magic one will see so many coincidences with it in his life, he will have no doubt that it has to be Magick .

On the Sitri Ritual , i will update how soon when he gets laid, he hasn’t had sex in four years, so i can’t wait to hear back from him and let you all know .

Did he get pussy?