Did a money ritual but then I lost my job lol

And it’s actually a blessing in disguise.

I started working with 7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer. I didn’t complete the rituals, life got in the way, I lost focus. But, I just lost a job that I really loved for more than 4 years, yet the pay was actually trash. I’m college educated and certified in my field, but as an independent contractor I was paid less than my state’s minimum wage. I was working up to 64 hours a week, because I truly loved that job but I had to work so much just to make ends meet and still grow my savings account. This left me so burned out- I loved it, but not so much of it. I have also have two other income streams so financially I’ll be fine with the loss of this job. I might not be able to save as much as I used to, but all my needs will be covered.

I decided some time ago that I would like to be rich. Shamelessly rich. However, no one in my field makes a lot of money- it is definitely a labor of love. Now I realize that I cannot be rich AND continue working in that field. I had to pick one, and I had seriously considered cutting back on my hours so I could focus on my other streams of income, but I didn’t want to let anyone down by cutting back to part time. The universe has kind of forced me to choose myself over them, which I believe is in my highest good.

I started learning tarot a few years ago and I’ve been practicing for over a year by giving free readings to friends and family, and I’m quite good at it. Like really good. I once did a reading for someone who wanted a look ahead at the next 6 months regarding her career. I saw in the cards that she was going to travel for work in January. Four months later- boom, she traveled for work in January. I definitely initially got the idea to start reading for the money because some of these readers are raking in the cash, but as I learned and practice more and more I do feel like it’s a genuine gift that I can offer people. However, as anyone who reads knows, it can be very draining of your energy and there was no way I could give really good, thorough readings after working a very mentally stimulating job from 6am-6pm. So I gave up on that idea.

Then I got interested in building an e-commerce website. Figured that would be less emotionally intensive. Downloaded a course, got excited. But after working a 12 hour day I was just too exhausted to actually absorb what I learned.

But last night, when I discovered that they’ve terminated my contract without so much as an email to let me know, I revisited my tarot business dream, I pulled the cards, and it looks like it will be a challenge but I will ultimately reach my goals of building this business. As I was putting the deck away the Ace of Pentacles popped out which is basically the card of “new opportunities, resources, abundance, prosperity, security, stability, manifestation.” I don’t think I could have asked for a better card for my query.

I might use this thread to update on progress on building my business. I might not. We’ll see. I’ve learned the actual cards quite well but I still have to research on the technical stuff like marketing, pricing, which platform to go with, etc. I have a friend (actually my twin flame, known him for 20 years) who does astrology readings and he’s offered to help me build my business if I want to do a combined tarot/astrology store. I’m not sure it’s a great idea to do business with friends but it’s so amazing that the people in my life are supportive of my decision. I also talked to a relative about it, I’ve read for her before, and she said she knows several people who would be interested in my service. It just feels like all the stars are aligned. My friend did an astrology reading for me last year and he said I was about to enter a transformative period of abundance. I was just like, “When?” Lol I’m stuck with a shitty ex, overworked and underpaid, stressed the hell out, WHEN does this new energy start to kick in? I’m feeling the energy now. I feel like myself again. The last 3.5 years have been incredibly difficult for me. I felt like I lost who I was. I’m starting to feel like myself again.

So yeah, there’s my story. I did a money ritual, lost my job I loved 5 days later, and realized that it was holding me back from achieving the level of financial independence I want. Now I get to focus on building a business that I enjoy, that I’m good at, and has the potential to allow me to access the type of earnings I want. You know, I always read that a lot of times with stuff like this, things you (think you) like or are attached to are removed from your life in order to make space for something better. So I knew that, but like, damn. To see it happen to yourself and so quickly is just something else.


I work 2 partimes,too and weekends,all day,in my fre time I practice a lot of Magick to get a good reputation,I have one already but I want a 100/ confidence, and be a partime job to do,rgt now I feel insecure, but still almost every 1 am I’m doing Magick,I suggest Lucifer faustus books in Amazon Kindle,get the subscription it’s way cheaper,to increase income


Very inspiring read.
Good luck on your buisness :slight_smile:


Nice man, thanks. I’ve never heard of them but I really like The Gallery of Magick’s style of books and these look similar.

Good luck with achieving the goals you want as quickly as possible.


Crazy update. I didn’t actually lose the job I love. Apparently it was just a glitch that lasted for several hours and locked me out. It’s resolved now and I’m back to working.

Last night definitely taught me I need better balance. So now I’ve cleared my schedule to just work 4 hours in the mornings and Saturday afternoons, and use my afternoons and evenings working on my secondary income and building up my business.

Best possible outcome. I get to continue a job that is emotionally fulfilling, AND I get to have basically all day to work on building a lucrative business. Talk about a win-win!


These spirits, and even just magick in general, has a way of knocking you off your ass as motivation.

Congrats on pursuing what you love!


Henry Archer is Power of Magick NOT Gallery of Magick. Archer’s stuff is leaps and bounds ahead of GOM’s imo.

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this was really well written and I enjoyed reading it :slight_smile:

I wish you all the very best in whatever you choose, wealth is yours!

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Right, I should clarify. I do find his writing style/the way he formats his books to be similar to GoM. The template used makes the rituals clear as day with step by step instructions just makes the magick so much more accessible. As for results, I very much look forward to continuing to work with them both.

Thanks for the well wishes :grinning:


I bought his wealth book recently having gone through it twice something isn’t right about it so I haven’t done any of the spells.

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I also practice from this book, and if you are curious, I’ve developed an expanded version of ritual 6. This is based on my experience working with other angels in the past. I’ve posted this before so I’ll just copy-paste the instructions here.

Before that, though, I want to say that I have experienced similar things with money magick. Not all financial opportunities are equal. Some ways of making money are more effective than others. As you’ve said, you may enjoy some job a bit, but if you aren’t making the kind of money you want to have, then why would you stay?

I’d also encourage you to learn about investments. Savings accounts are pretty much worthless. At the very least, you should be better off just buying government bonds that actually give you returns on your money. No, the 0.5% (if even that) you get in a savings account is not desirable. Inflation is normally somewhere around 1-3%, with 3 being very high and 1 very low. So even with very low inflation, you actually lose money by putting it in the bank instead of an investment in safe bonds. If you get 0.5% in the savings account, but inflation removes 2% of your purchasing power (cause everything got 2% more expensive), then you actually lost 1.5% of your money by “saving it.” If you want to save or grow your money, investments are the way to do that effectively.

Anyways, here’s the script for ritual 6 I use. The changes to what’s in the book I believe improve the “emotional cleansing/alignment” aspect of the ritual

Begin the ritual as described, chanting the names (I chant them three times) and imagining the sun. I face West because that’s the direction my standing “altar” or “magick desk” or whatever faces. That’s the opposite direction of how the sun is supposed to rise but my magick is just that awesome. After chanting, project yourself into the future.

Do you remember, all the way back, all those decades ago (it can be less than that, but it should be a while back)? Imagine a moment from this time. That was back when I was [insert stuff you are doing nowadays, naming them and seeing yourself doing them] (create the feeling of this occurring long ago). Was I worried about something back then? Money? But everything unfolded so magnificently didn’t it? Feel the awe. There was no cause for concern at all. Call the angels, singing the names, imagining the blue lightning striking you. Then look up and see the brilliant blue sky that’s been there all along. Don’t try to imagine how the magick will work, what changes or opportunities it will bring. Just bask in the money energy and let it flow through you and into your life. Thank the angels.

Return to an earlier time. Do you remember way back when, all those years ago? Imagine a moment from this time a few years back (from the actual present time). That was back when I was [insert stuff you are doing nowadays, naming them and seeing yourself doing them] (create the feeling of this occurring some time ago). Was I worried about money back then? Maybe, but there was no need for me to feel that way at all, now was there. Feel the release. That’s right, I called to the three great angels of wealth, and everything worked itself out so easily, didn’t it? Feel the relief. There really was no cause for concern at all, now was there. Call to the angels, singing the names, and feeling gratitude with each strike of lightning. Look up and see the brilliant blue sky. Soak in all that money energy, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the sun in the sky. Thank the angels.

Return to the present day and see the sun that you imagined at the beginning of the ritual, feel the rays warming you and passing through you to the horizon. Then see the clouds come in from all sides, and see them cover and hide the sun. Feel whatever it is you feel. Feel any fear, any sadness, any longing. Slam down your fist. This can be gentle, but it should be impactful. Enough of this. I will have more money, because that is what I decided will be, with the power of magick. Call to the angels, singing the names, feeling the lightning strike you from the clouds. Then watch as the clouds depart, and watch as the brilliant blue sky emerges. Bask in the money energy, thank the angels, and then conclude the ritual and continue on with your day.


That is really nice and this shows a curious aspect of how magick can work things into your own perspectives and real preferences.

If not for your love of the work you thought you lost, that glitch could have been permanent. Maybe “woulda, coulda, shoulda” been, but for your love of the work you retained it.

It’s actually quite neat how it appeared that you lost it, causing you to step back and re-evaluate to look at other options and accept this new ‘fact’.
And the fact that your job was quietly and peacefully returned to you with having a new perspective is, in a word, inspiring.

I’m in a similar situation at the moment. The past few months I’ve been doing very hard physically demanding work, which I also have enjoyed most of the time but also has not earned me as much as I’ve wanted so I’ve been wanting a chance to step back and now hey presto (lol), my vehicle has been off the road for a week waiting for repairs, where it seems no garage in the whole universe, or at least locally to me is able to find time to do the repairs quickly.

This enforced time off has given me the complete rest that I’ve needed and the chance to re-evaluate and I also have a renewed perspective of how things should be.

Thanks @shinri for your adaptation of ritual 6, it’s about time I did some new workings and I’ve been trying to decide what rituals to do next so I will take another look at that book! :slightly_smiling_face: