Did a guy do a love spell to get a girl?

Sorry really didn’t want to start whole thread on this stuff, but since there is not common speculating thread… I just recently got so curious of do i know someone who did succeed very highly with love magicks … Because he was trying to hit this one girl i know, and the girl was telling me about it and how horrible it is and that the guy just seems very desperate.

But what i am seeing now, they are both publicly sending cheesy messages to each other in facebook with all them hearts and her even having a picture where she draw a card with hearts to that guy she thought was desperate sad and even disgusting.

I would ask the guy bcuz he is in my friends, but i bet he wouldn’t admit and i’m not really sure do i wanna him to know that i’m in this stuff.

Now i don’t give a shit about that girl, but i’m very curious about this… I’m not sure what my exact point or question is here, but do you guys think this could have been a love spell or just the fact that this guy didn’t give up trying and trying (except all the PUA people would have said that this guy is just fucking it up) But damn i just wonder what magic did he use if he did, since it work that suddenly and seemingly powerful.

needy guy gets girl fast… what can this be…

Ask him if they are dating etc.

Girls at times change their minds, takes time, action.

She may have been telling you he was desperate and sad for whatever reason in spite of the fact she likes him. Some people like to downplay their feelings for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that he caught her at a vulnerable or ego busting time and she just gave in. I’ve banged more desperate dudes because I felt like shit or needed an ego boost than I’d like to admit.

You also should bear in mind that most of what you see on Facebook is fakery at its finest. I’ve found that truly happy people who are genuinely in love generally don’t post the crap you’re describing unless it’s for a specific reason. Mostly just to show off or rub it someone’s face because damn near all of us Facebook stalk. It could be a love spell but it sounds more like the girl saying one thing and doing another.

Yea well they are officially in a relationship now, i was just thinking because the guy is into old religions of vikings and stuff… at least interested in paganism, he claimed me that he hasn’t done any rituals when i asked about it (not directly about the love magick ofc) it would be cool if he had done it.

Really makes me wonder how he got that girl anyways… with that type of messaging, but i guess there was ofc something good in him too. and i don’t claim he is a shitty person, probably very nice and cool person - and yeah, the girl might be just talking all kinds of shit, really seems like the type who does tend to go around changing her mind/not minding too much what she does.

Yeah sometimes the guy that is the most relentless gets the girl. The guy thats there when ever you and your girl fight is a good example. you guys start fighting all the time and she confides in someone else, thats why alot of affairs happen in the work place believe it or not. I knew a 300 pound guy that had the hottest girlfriends. He said I know I’m a fat fuck but I get girls cause the quickest way to get into a girls pants is to make her laugh. The second is a compliment. Girls spend hours doing them selves up so people will notice. Her hair her nails anything if your the guy that notices you might be the guy she fucks.

Well Jay, that really works only to the girls with low self-esteem … If the girl is the type of “posh princess” she will not give a shit how much you make them laugh and compliment, because in their hearts they really want what they are drooling over anyways… So pay attention to what girls like… Movie/tv-show heroes (doesn’t mean you have to be literally a superhero) famous actors/singers/guitarists all kind of that stuff. So presumably to get lots of women you got to be 1. good looking 2. yes fun to be with of course 3. sometimes you even need to have a bit of money/wealth 4. be overall charming 5. don’t show too much negative traits 6. wouldn’t hurt if you were somewhat popular/had at least friends.

This is just what came from my mind, all these are just speculations ofc… and this is not a thread of severe seriousness anyways. I also could tell women what you have to be to get a man… But that would be just what i prefer in women.

Game of Thrones episode 7 - Khal Drogo Promises War

Watch him, he’s not funny - but all the women love him… I don’t mean to be ranting, but it always just strikes me when people tell its enough to just be funny XD that might work on some, but not all. and compliment i usually don’t do myself too much because that makes the girl feel good at first, but it can also see that you put them in a position of being worshipped = you honor them more than yourself… And that doesn’t make you look like a superhero unless you actually are one :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really know about your friend, but theres probably many factories why he would have got those girls + i’m not sure what you mean by “the hottest” because there are different tastes :D.

( doesn’t every guy notice those hairs and nails? at least i think everyone is always here trying to compliment girls on those, even in a fucking bus they can come to talk em about how they look)