Did a demon contact me?

I grew up in and still live in the same house. Ever since we moved here when I was 12 I have been experiencing paranormal activity. I have heard growling, tapping, knocking, my stereo turning on by itself at night and stations changing, pounding, yelling, a man’s voice calling out my name and noone is there, I felt something reach inside of me, but the activity usually only occurs to me.

The strangest one was when I was 15. I was raised in a strict Christian home and went camping for a few days. When away, I decided to become a strict Christian myself. When I got home on my wall was an image of a being that looked mean. It had a dragon or reptilian face with a man’s body and beast like hands and feet. He also had scabbbed bat like wings. No doubt this being looked demonic. He was holding a staff and underneath there was a line and underneath the line was weird writing that looked like a triangle, a rectangle, a circle, I haven’t found writing like that on earth. This looked like it was scratched in on one of my posters on my wall.

I don’t have it anymore cuz at the moment I got rid of it but I became a youth pastor then left the church in 2004 and have studied and practiced the occult ever since. Noone else was in my house but my religious parents and sister. I’m 31 now. Why all the paranormal activity aimed at me from such a young age? What was that being and why was it trying to communicate with me?

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The Dragon is one of the most Sacred Beings to Lucifer and God (despite what christians may say) the Godsource. If it made its presence known then you should make it top priority to figure out why it contacted you.

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According to a theory postulated by EA, once you contact a Demon “…you have opened a door that can never be closed.” Speaking plainly he goes on to explain that beings within the Infernal Kingdom exist in a timeless state. They have no understanding or appreciation for time as you or I. Thus if you make substantial contact with a Demon (at say age 31?) - then it has direct access to you in the future AND your past with equal ease.

That could explain a great deal of your childhood. It certainly explained a great deal of mine.

So if I contact a demon in the future then can it alter my past? Could I have lived a normal life before and then the demon inserted paranormal activity into my past? I want to know because my life has been saved many times. It’s a miracle that I’m not dead or in jail because I’ve almost od’d and been killed here and there throughout my 20’s. Plus there was a girl that I fell in love with and would have married but she was ran over and killed. After her death I told myself that if she was alive then I would marry her but it was too late. Plus another person threatened to harm me at his apartment then when I left an evil presence began tormenting him.

There is another theory known as the “Butterfly Effect” that proposes causational events of the most minor scale have massive effects over a timeline that stretches endlessly ahead of mankind.

Lets speculate here… you contact a Demon at age 50, one whom has the desire to protect or harm you for whatwver reason. Thus it manifests in your early life and directs events to arrange for a final outcome. The purpose? Who knows. However YOU could direct the Demon to ensure those actions are performed in the PAST and others in the FUTURE as well.

Here is where the train leaves the rails however… if you could change the past by directing the Demon, would the ripples in your life be so profound that it would cause your death in the present moment? As if to say you can only change the past in small degrees and hope to survive it. If so, then would you recall the variations you caused?

My Modus Operandi is to leave the past as is, and work very hard on the future. To select Demonic affiliations with extreme care and examine the past for indication of a best “endgame” - now if that makes an endless circular argument of confusion in the readers mind…

Welcome to my endless daily dilemma of selection in rituals of Sorcery. It doesn’t tie my hand or give cause for anxiety, but it gives me a reason to pause from time to time.

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Divination is Key to this. However, Divination is synonymous with Manifestation. So it is better to draw out an Endgame Goal of attaining ones desire, then do a divination of a course of events up to that point. Tweak things however you see fit as every Attainment has Alternate Reality pathways to it.

As for RL’s mention of Death…think of it in terms like this…this is more a Reframe on things. There is the Future that exists as a vision (what you want to manifest). So lets say you did do magick for that to cone and it did kill you. Then reframe it instead to “The Future that Truly manifests in the Physical World for me in my Timelines in this Lifetime.”

Death in this case is merely reframed as a transformation aka a change of events…BUT a smart change of events. I guess this is where I say the Devil is in the Details…as details are like situations within the course of a manifesting and evolving timeline.

Now I know I am making it sound easy. It is better to think of this in many small parts leading up to the bigger picture…its alot like an Art Project (drawing the schematics) where you then apply the building of it. Thats where divination comes in of figuring out the findr details of the blueprint manifestkng properly. Sometimes you need a little influence here and there…sometimes you have to bust a few heads here and there to alter things…before you can even begin to Pave the goldem brick road to hoir destination…wherefore along the way hou may have to bust a few more heads or apply influence…because things change and one must be able to rebound and reframe things (quantum leaping into Alternatkve versions…fyi watch theold TV series Quantum Leap!)

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Heavy, thought-provoking shit, RL, that makes a lot of sense to me, anyway. Keep it coming, please!

You just blew my mind!!!

Why you? Same reason bullies like to pick on certain individuals and not others. It likes the way you respond.

I think these things are limited to puppeting our magical talents by manipulating our attention.

All those things are meant to pull your attention from where you want it and place it where it wants your attention. Subtle and effective.

It fucks with you because it can.

Ever since I left the Christian church in 2004, I have felt drawn to the world of black magick. I’m a former youth pastor and I used to preach in my uncles church on Sunday morning. I come from a line of pentecostal preachers and missionaries in my family. I was being groomed to be the next in the family. Then I found contradictions in the bible while studying and left the Christian life.

I’ve never felt so at home and comfortable studying and practicing the dark arts. Whatever the demon was trying to tell me is fascinating to me and I welcome it’s message. Ultimately I want to have a conversation with it. Even if it was trying to control and I didn’t let it then I would still practice the dark arts because I feel it’s where I belong.

Very interesting observation. I have pondered this type of dynamic. Things that operate outside human linear time that are not bound by our laws of physics hence our experience of time, or the way we process it…things that operate in a different “time” paradigm altogether under a set of laws of physics completely alien to ours…strangely intelligent, strangely powerful and absolute masters of psychological warfare and manipulation.

I look back on my life and see unusual events, some of them “major” events even, that I seem to have been oddly connected to in synchronistic and coincidental ways that in hindsight almost feel woven or threaded into my reality as part of some overall scheme, program, or “play”, things that taken alone were easy to shrug off but then as the years go by sometimes these events seem to be parts of a puzzle that are starting to come together to form the bigger picture before my eyes. I have on more than one occasion gotten the profound sense that the hidden hand of things unseen, unbeknownst to me have been playing a role in shaping a somewhat dark reality around me and know my entire life story from the beginning to an end that I have not yet reached in linear human time and that all of this is somehow something they do almost like a game or for amusement.

Is this my strong imagination, borderline schizophrenia, or something far more mysterious and profound?

I don’t know.

As an example of these enigmatic theories in action, I submit the following…

When I was 11 my Grandparents believed it was VERY important that I become involved with the Roman Catholic faith. Before I knew what was happening I was dressed in white robes and serving as an altar boy every sunday. This went on for about a year and a half.

Then one Sunday while Mass was in full swing I heard a voice that spoke to me saying…

“There is another way.”

I looked about me to see who would dare interrupt the Mass and Father Bob’s rituals - and found no one guilty of it. The voice was in my mind? (!)

When I asked the Padre about the event he looked alarmed to say the least. Said he would pray for me and for me to look to God in all things.

Now at age 50 I look back on this event in my life and see it was a pivotal moment for me, causing me to question everything. Nothing was beyond deeper thought and worthy of being accepted at face value. Including the Holy Roman Church and Father Bob.

My occult education began that day, starting with the question of what this “other way” was exactly. My mind could not rest until I found that answer.

From time to time I speculate if the voice I heard that a Sunday 38 years ago was my own being thrown back at me in time via my Sorcery and present day willpower to warn me, or was it Lucifer himself advising me of my options? Perhaps it is a combination of both.

I recall feeling somewhat humbled at the time… if it was “the Devil” himself who spoke to me that morning over Mass - I felt that he went well out of his way to enter the house of the Holy and find me.

But that event changed everything. The Hidden hand. But was my life always this way? Or has my Sorcery had a retroactive ripple effect which I described above - and I now “recall the event”?

Who can say where the causational loop starts and stops on this ride.

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I personally think its a combination of factors. Consciousness can go beyond an individual to be groups of individuals and individuals all under a higher being, etc. I would think more in terms of “Soul Groups,” and that the Other way may be something that may not readily be obvious or understood… whereas the Answer will find you instead of you finding it… much like the Devil came to you that day, he may come to you again.

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