Diazin's Reading Services


Im now open for business. I wont stop giving freebies, but as Im probably going to face homelessness soon, I need to raise funds asap. So here how it works:

My Reading is $50.00. Money first, then Reading.

Your Reading will be delivered in 24 hours after payment, PM me for my paypal info.

Readings are under availability. I dont like to do many Readings at once for the sake of quality. Send me the money only when I say so, this way we avoid you thinking Im scamming you if I take too long to do yours.

Whatever questions may come from your Reading, feel free to ask me, so we clarify everything. Keep it to the scope of the Reading though.


That thread is plenty of reviews about my services, in case you dont know me. If you want a freebie, no problem, but you’ll be placed at the bottom of that list.

Thanks BALG!

Just my two cents worth, but maybe those who have received benefit from Diazin’s free readings could show their appreciation by making a monetary contribution. I know I can’t pay my bills with compliments.

I appreciate your support stephdeather, but no need for that. Their reviews are already much of a payment xD