Diary of the Rise

Hi everyone, my name is Irina/Riel. I am 20 years old. I’m starting to keep a diary on working with three demons - Baal, Satan, Lilith. I will update this post as new developments or comments come in.
As I think my experience and some tricks will be useful for beginners. I started in 2015. I had a long break from magic and got back into it again in November 2021. During the period of June-August, many events happened that advanced me as a magician and a person. When I started I worked with conscious dreaming and reality programming, then I worked on aphantasy treatment and psychological problems.
I will tell you more about my connection with these demons. In my past life I lived in the Inca Empire and worked with demons. At the moment from this there is still an active connection with Baal and his servants. If I describe my growth - this as a sharp fall into the abyss, acceptance of this abyss and understanding of working with it and further growth. Although when you go to the divine it has no limits and no boundaries
I mostly make my own rituals and invocation texts.
Thanks to Satan, I realized what direction I should develop and how to ask the right questions and what not to do. The servants of Baal keep me away from bad habits so that it does not interfere with my growth.
I would call myself a lonely man, since the position of a magician is difficult for ordinary people to understand. But more and more I find supporters and work together with them. My goal is to change the work with demonology as such. To make it modern using the experience of the old grimoires. As I work with the demons, they are increasingly saying that the framework that used to be there is going away and the rules are changing with each passing moment. So is the hierarchy of demons. Each person’s work with each demon is individual. Just like every mage who has pacts with higher demons has higher tasks. I have the same. I found out about my illnesses not so long ago and I think that’s a hint to change my consciousness even more for the better. I think we can change history, a new generation of people in magic has arrived.


Two weeks ago, when I woke up, a sigil of Lucifer appeared before my eyes. Let me explain that I have his tattoo on my physical body and his seal on my astral body, but I don’t work with Lucifer very closely. I don’t know why. Although I have had several dreams about him and his work on me. I think next year I will have time to work and make contact with him.

Writing after meditating on Satan’s energies, the syllable is difficult so I have difficulty translating it more literary.

“The hand of heaven’s heap of firmament imagines itself to be higher than the doe, the heavens will be the doom of the most established of gods. The shackles of support will remove those above falling to their knees before Ahriman. Lest they know what freedom is and what it was not from the beginning.
The individual who has established himself as a god and seeks freedom prefers truth to lies. A prophet is not a prophet without knowledge of the present, past and future. Clans of nations walk tirelessly through the damp earth seeking hope without noticing the Other. Priestly temples beneath the earth, not in heaven. Landscapes the hosts of mountains, ancient gods created by Ahriman, as the centuries pass, the bond with him is stronger. Look for the hidden”

During my meditation, a spirit came to me and told me to meditate on this symbol, the octagon. And that I should relate this symbol to my next dreams. And rightly so-this geometric figure showed me my past life and the cosmic order. How the universe is being destroyed and created and how lonely a spirit really is on its way to becoming a god.

Today in my dream I dreamt about the Qliphoth of the Tree. They looked like a volumetric ball, with some phrases written on them in Enochian, and in Latin. Then an agressive spirit came up to me, flattering me and pitying me and took me to a big mirror, I looked in it and saw that I looked like a Demon, but weird enough, as if on purpose more scary, apparently to scare me, but I experienced no fear, I turned towards the spirit and spat at him :joy: and told him that I knew he was an agressive spirit and not to lie to me. It became evil and started choking me, I ended up calling Satan and they helped me get rid of the spirit. I think there were planetary energies present in the dream