Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Nope I called Jesus… and he said he dont like competition. And i absolutely love your posts… can someone animate you!


For some reason, the only thing I heard out of all of that was “ass.” Must have something to do with the fact I was meditating on Belials sigil recently…


What is it with King Belial that everyone seems to get some kind of kinky trigger from meditating over his sigil/calling him forth and plain old me gets some kind of stern piece of advice when I do the same?Not that I would complain, tho…


I asked Leraje what his advice would be in my current situation.
“You must fill your lungs”
With what?
“With the water of the seeing ones (?)”
Why do you switch from casual to riddles all the time?
“It’s in my nature.”

Whatever tried to get its hooks into my evocation today, fuck you.


Maybe that would be the sexual style you crave, a very stern but kinky Master? 50 Shades of Belial. I could be wrong though.


What do you think Fill your Lungs means? Never heard that expression


“Oh, Mister King Belial Grey Grey, I am not allowed to…to receive all those advices. I’m a married woman! Oh no, pls don’t use your seducing powers of a firm handshake on me, you know that I can’t resist!”

I love how you are confused by this one but “Water of the seeing ones” is totally legit? :smiley:
I don’t know, maybe I should inhale something or…I really don’t know, yet. But maybe the lung has an allegorical meaning as well.


Water of the Seeing ones is Legit? Doesnt really mean anything to me actually. To tell you the truth I really dont know why people are obsessed with “water” on this forum? I figure its an inside joke.

I got it. Maybe he was telling you to drown by filling your lungs.


Yeah, maybe he wants to get rid of my useless ass :woman_shrugging:


Getting a tailbacks worth of two weeks work done in three hours. I have questions. First: how? Second: why can’t I always be like this?


Read this thread over the weekend and what can I say, I’m a fan. Well done for holding your ground and choosing to temporarily leave :smiley: you’ll have more freedom over how you spend your time this way and I think it’s 100x more valuable than remaining a hardworking yet underappreciated employee in the timebeing. Power to ya :slight_smile: as for filling lungs with water, water has a lot of symbolism so its almost impossible to know the meaning for a fact, sounds like one of the Sphynx’s riddles… keep us posted if you think of something. On the upside now you have the chance to do anything


@damia2hell and @darksun,
thank you both for your kind words :slight_smile: :white_flower:

I will. I had some help to interpret this riddle (if you’re watching: you know who you are!!) and when the pieces come together into my own consciousness I will make an update :slight_smile:


Today I took some time to reflect about my workings with Leraje and what kind of relationship we might have.

Almost everybody knows that one teacher at your school who has been really nice to you when you met him at the cinema or while attending the same concert of a band you both like and you think he’s kinda cool and when you’re back in class he calls you out for your bad grades without batting an eyelid in front of everyone and you’re thinking “WTF, dude, I thought we’re cool?!” ?
I guess, that’s how our “relationship” is.


Der Sarg fällt zusammen.
Die Blumen fallen in die Wangen.


So lets say you figure the riddle. What if its something very simple. What would you do with such info anyway? What if the riddle is nothing more than a White Cat drinking a purified Glass of Purr Drinking Water?


Who knows? Maybe I’ll start a cult and be their cute leader. Or maybe I’ll start a war. Or maybe I’ll get filthy rich. Or maybe I finally make reasonable and grown up life choices.
Or maybe… I’ll do nothing with it.
And maybe it’s nothing, at all.
(Maybe it’s a mythical “Drink more water and eat more vegetables”)


And maybe you’ll do all of the above :smile:


I’ll try the drinking water thing, it seems manageable.


Sometimes I get a nasty phantom pain in my right eye socket from an accident a few years ago. It pulsates and it writhes like a tiny living being that is just ready to claw it’s way out of my eyeball from the inside.
Moments like this are reminding me about the miracle of just staying at home and minding my own fucking business while spending all my money on glittery stuff.


You wear an Eye patch?