Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


I find that writing “totally not store bought” in decorative icing fools everyone all of the time.


Yes, and mention “I can’t believe it’s NOT store bought” during eating time every once in a while totally does the trick!
(The cake went better than expected but maybe I went in too far regarding its calories: everyone kinda dies right now due to “I am so full, please kill me”. Maybe I found something to end world hunger…)


Cake? Did you use a cream cheese frosting? I dont particularly like the sugar frosting.


No frosting, but a gallon of whipped cream :smiley:
(Should have made a picture BEFORE we ate everything so here you go with google image search)
It’s called “Maulwurfkuchen” in german, roughly translated to “mole cake”, because it looks like a molehill.
As you can see there is a lot of whipped cream and banana action going on. Maybe I overdid the whipped cream part a little bit…?


Some sort of banana and cream filling? It looks very good.


Yes, you basically scoop out a hollow into the cake batter, throw some sliced bananas into the cavity and pile up a ton of self made whipped cream and sprinkle the scooped out crumbs on top of that :smiley:


Bon appetit, Marquis Leraje :smiley:


Nice cake. I tried something different for dinner. A Dulce de Leche Crepe with Strawberries and a Banana’s Fosters crepe with a scoop of ice cream.

For those that do not know what crepes are they are basically a really thin pancake with toppings like caramel spread, almonds and whipped cream with fresh fruit.


Today someone told me that said dude had to delete a shitload of posts on facebook which passed false informations about someone (I checked his site and at least the most defaming stuff is gone (he ranted about it in another post)), plus youtube striked his channel due to copyright violation. Yay.


I smilled on that, I was wondering how you didn’t offered some to Leraje on your previous posts :blush:


Of course I held a piece for the altar back :smiley: I separated it before everyone else got a bite. You should’ve seen the face of my man when I told him that he can’t have the last piece, only to put it inside the altar :smiley:


Neat :heart: I’ll usually use blunt force on crepes and spread a huge amount of Nutella on them :smiley:


Today I talked to Belial for the first time. I’m not allowed to write down what he told me. But it was an overall pleasant evocation.


I made a pleasant progress towards a mental problem. Since I knew that we had to aim higher and higher to actually land on solid ground material wise I put myself under big pressure in order to actually DO IT.
A part inside of me grew confused and said:“You know…but…we ALWAYS did it the old way…sitting things out and wait…remember…?” and wished that I would turn back to my old lazy-ass path of dicking around and waiting.
Since this is not the right time to fall back into old habits, I pushed trough. My body reacted the way it always does when it feels overwhelmed: anxiety attacks. Not the ones you’re actuallly aware of but the ones you feel when it’s already too late to counter it. I don’t feel particularly fearful during it in my head but my body is on full survival mode all of a sudden. In order to keep myself from blacking out due to a fast and irregular heartbeat and nausea (don’t worry, went to the doc to check on an actual physical condition) I once took medicine against those attacks. The problem here was that it regulated the attacks but it pushed my desire for sleep (which is already high) to the max. No anxiety, but also no energy.
Since my hallucinative encounter with Leraje (or something wearing his signature, maybe a legion member) it got much better. The attacks are less violent and I receive a warning 80% of the time, so I can put myself out of any situation beforehand.
My message to Leraje:


Sometimes my man is an unbearable smartass and sometimes I want to put him into the trash can so I can live my life in peace again.
But sometimes, again…he bears unmatched insights of wisdom. Today I got this: “Remember that one night you found an opened box of Smarties hidden in that climbing tower on the playground? If you trusted this enough to eat it right away, you can trust your abilities for two hours, you idiot.”



During todays evocation I could hear trumpets playing in the distance. This is my first experience towards music given to me.


Since I have been orderd to reduce my accrued overtime (it’s 62 extra hours this year until now) I’m hanging around at home (which is kinda useless because some people at work are still calling me or asking me to “take a look” at this or that and that’s when I’m “at work” again - the blessings and the horrors of home office).
But with some extra time alone on my hand I have some nice opportunities to practice my sleep control and dream manipulation (for some reason I need natural daylight for this).

Last night Leraje visited me again, or rather I was visiting him. I found myself at a gathering, everyone was dressed in black, me included. I was a little overwhelmed since everyone seemed to know each other but I had no idea why I was even there to begin with.
I held tight to my drink, wandering around, looking for a familiar face or something. I noticed a man coming down the stairs, looking directly at me, smiling and opening his arms. I walked over to him. “I’m glad you came”, he said. He was dressed in a sharp tailored black suit (slim fit?) with a black shirt and no tie, he looked incredibly good. I noticed his energy on an instant, Mr. “My suit costs more than your house” was, in fact, Marquis Leraje.
I felt relieved, even if he was not quite the “familiar face” I was prepared for. “What are you doing here and what am I doing here?” I asked him right away. “Nothing in particular, I received the order to oversee this happy little reunion. You should ask yourself what you’re doing here. You brought yourself here, after all. It’s your dream, not mine.”
I sipped on my drink; of course I had no idea what to make of this. My gaze wandered to his suit again, I marveled at the quality. I was interested into the fabric, since it seemed to be thick and robust, but lightweight and smooth at the same time. Fascinating. I plucked at his sleeve to get in touch with the fabrics texture.
“I think, we should have a more private talk.”, Leraje stated. Together we walked through the black dressed crowd over to a door. He opened it and to my surprise we were standing in my office. “If you meant by “private” that you’re eager for even more eyes and ears…”, I pointed at my coworker, sitting in front of her computer. “That won’t be a problem, she isn’t even aware about our presence”, he said, going over to her and waving his hands in front of her eyes, followed by no reaction at all. I placed myself on my desk, rolling my chair in front of Lerajes feet so he could take a sit. “What is it you wanted to discuss?”, I asked him while fishing out little bottles of booze out of a planter (my secret stash).

I have to stop right here since I don’t want to tell. Not yet, at least.



Yesterdays evocation was quite a thing.
Leraje told me to “just keep going” when I pondered about certain directions I could take.
About the fear to fail: “Fear is important. Courage doesn’t exist in its absence. Just know the right time to let go of it.”
When I asked him for help for a specific task I needed to fulfill: “Stop it already with the whole small girl act. You know very well that I’ll help you anyway.” (Whoops, busted)
He wanted to start right on the spot but it wasn’t the right time focus wise.