Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Dear you,

we started our workings only 8 months ago, not exactly an anniversary but damn, those 8 months were more eventful than the last three years of my life, so to speak.
I stumbled upon you like someone would probably stumble upon a piece of art, a song or a book to the exactly right time. You kinda picked me up from a pretty bleak point in my life and in all honesty: I don’t really know were I would have ended up without meeting you (and now I don’t wanna think about it, either). You weren’t the knight on a horse, carrying me on your strong arms towards the sunset. No, you dragged me out of that situation on my hair, pushing me and chasing me,making me bruising and bleeding along the way.

You gave something back to me that went somewhat lost along the way, back then:self purpose.
I was incredibly lucky to experience results in short periods of time from the very beginning, and it kept me on my toes. It gave me something I could be interested in again, something new to learn and to understand. Thank you for showing up almost immediately. And thank you for giving me the tools to make the tables turn. Thank you for giving me back control and will and thank you for turning a blind eye when I was my whiny and complaining self at some points (but it GOT better, see?).

And thank you for acting so swiftly on my behalf without my stupid ass even noticing until much later (but now some stuff you told me makes sense). I am a slow learner,sometimes.
Thank you for not belittling me but throwing me into situations were I can proof myself for me. Thank you for the chill and fun days and nights, too.

I’ll promise to take everything to best use. Let’s do this shit.
En pointe, en pointe.


Your next step(s)?





Done and done


I’ll raise a glass to you this evening. :grinning:




Hey oddnan,you introduced yourself 1 year ago,but you have many posts so I can’t read them all,so what I want to ask is how would you compare yourself now to your one year ago self ?
Weird question I know,but I am curious


I have still no idea what I am doing 80% of the time :smiley:
But I grew from within myself and had the chance to put a lot of hindering stuff into nice deep graves once and for all. One year ago I was on the brink of despair with my overall life situation, now there is a goal and a way.


The candle burned down. The spiral has been set into motion. It is done.
Hätts’t du auf mich gehört,
dann wär’ das nicht passiert


:slightly_smiling_face: :chipmunk: :deciduous_tree:




Punching your head repeatedly against the same wall over and over and over again won’t make the wall give in.


Unless you live in the USA. I have been told houses there are made of carton.


Nice, that would explain some shit!!


So I’m sitting there, trying to use my aggressive mood towards someone finally for something productive and I am meditating on a way to channel that feeling right into my work.
And then I have to think about this:

And now I can’t stop giggling and laughing through all of my attempts to focus!
@Micah, what have you done??? :joy:


TMW you paint the sigil big enough even for your blind eyes to see
(pictured: fresh flowers, strawberries, one chocolate crepe, fresh rosemary, roasted peanuts with sesame glaze, seven year old rum. Not pictured; my rad Karl Lagerfeld cup and its contents)


It looks beautiful!


“Mark my words: There will be no remedy”
Boi, I fucking hope so.




I might or might not have killed a hornet with my ritual space.
Or maybe it was just really old and stuff.
Probably the latter.