Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Todays mood:


Nothing super important but I like the way how evocation can also look like


I just finished some energy work.
The sun is shining and everything smells like sun screen and tulips and incense and carefree times.
And as I gaze on the sigils surface I get a feeling of finding “home” someday.


I wanted to write down what I dreamed about after I talked to Duke Focalor. Mind that I asked him half jokingly (or did I?) to drown someones ass if he would come across that person by accident :slight_smile:

I found myself in an unknown city area, right at the sea side. I was dining at a restaurant when suddenly alarming sirens could be heard. When I looked at the sea side I could watch the tallest of waves making its way towards the city. It was a wall of grey water, building up towers over towers until it swallowed the sun.
For some reason we found wooden lifeboats at the restaurants porch and placed ourselves inside, waiting for the wave to hit.

It dragged us out into the ocean. Everything was grey, the water, the sky, the time.
The people inside the boat were all screaming in fear, some of them were clinging to me for some reason. And then a new huge wave hit the boat. People just vanished. Some fell of the boat,some were somehow sucked in by the wave itself. Only a few people remained.

When we reached the city again, the wave left its mark but everyone continued as if nothing happened. They knew that a lot of people died out there but they all were like “Ah, well. Thats unfortunate” and they picked up their daily duties.

I made my way to the shore, staring at the calm and steel grey ocean. I felt some sense of security and peace for some reason.


Another update:
this morning I could see my landlords car blocking the whole street diagonally.
It seems that there has been a handbreak malfunction and it crashed two other cars while “parking” itself out. Poor man. I bet the police had a lot of sympathy for him (apparently someone called the police on him because the car blocked the street until now)


Good work! :+1: with the Landlord


You never want me to appear



And it’s spitting in my eye, every time it boils down to this
And it’s not the same, and they’re not the same as me


I would say I’ve got another job soon.
Awwww, yissss.


So this it what happens when you write a letter to your patron.
Marquis Leraje, chapeau!


Dear diary,

sometimes I forget HOW real the Dunning Kruger effect is.
It is real.
Really really really real.
Ok, thx,bye


My companies personal management in a nutshell these days


How long can we stay in here?
How long can we trust and see?
How long can we run?


TMW you’re chilling during a meditation session and a random body pops up beside you in your bed. Hello, nice to meet you.


This little week of mine just got better and better.
My S.O. will have a job interview the very same day in the very same city just like me.
Timing more on point than my drunk ass coming back from the dead everytime I hear the refrain of Totos “Africa”.



Nur das dumme Kind die rote Hälfte nimmt und sich erbricht… vergiftet ist der Wicht…


Omg this is so sweet, sad and full of emotions.

I am so happy you had the chance to meet such a lovely creature.
They never die on our hearts.


TMW you are going to put an end to a particular scenario


TMW King Purson tells you “Consider well.”
You’re totally right on that.
But WHAT should I consider? What???


TMW your patron can tell you with 100% accuracy what kind of sandwich he wants to eat but as soon as it gets to your spiritual shenanigans it becomes a side quest where you have to gather the dark magic tear from out of the forest of lost souls, bring it to the villages shaman so he can play you a song on his flute that will give you a hint in what general direction you could get a taste of clouds on a sunday morning.