Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Dream Log:
Dreamt about an important initiation rite.
While getting prepared I would always doze off or being annoyed over the fact that this rite starts so damn early.
Dozing off mid-dream really sounds like me.


It might or might not be a sign, but:
A company that looks for a new manager in my preferred area (just have the job ad discovered today and open in a tab while I write this) just came through my business phone for a co-operational task with my current employer. The thing is: my business phone wasn’t even active for incoming calls.



When someone announces what kind of shit just got down at work and you are like

Sorry, but really not sorry this time.



How About this one:

Identifying the Enemy,
which tried to set up a Trap,
and wanted me dead,
so now he’s in deep truble,
as shadows crawl forth,
to make him stop.




Sounds adequate :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad you liked it. :blush:


I’m always in for motivational and wholesome stories like that


Well, i got one more:

White King, white king,
you don’t give up,
but you also can’t win.

The Night has come,
cold is your grave,
for once you placed a trap,
now you shall rest within.

Deep inside,
there comes no light,
no golden Armor may save you,
as these insects de-secrete you.




I am a huge fan of decomposing.
It makes room for new things.


TMW everything happens at once and you’re like


“I used the black locust twig/leaves/seeds today” is a sentence I never thought I would use in ANY given context.


Am I tired and blue because of the weather
or is it
the crushing psychological weight of existence



O my little one
this is how it’s done
you’ll play your part
and I’ll play mine


He’s right. Hey. Congratulations on sll front :yum:


I really have a hard time keeping track of everything that is happening right now.
I think that some events at work just fell into place, perfectly.
Sometimes I think that I might look like this,when I explain towards my Patron how I need things to happen in order to success:




Dream log:
I found myself at the sea side. I gazed at the ocean, which happened to be all coloured in dark grey. The sky was full of deep black and dark grey storm clouds that gathered over the water. The sight was glorious and I wanted to melt into the ocean and sky and its colours.


Dream log:
A group of pirates kidnapped me.
I was really angry about that and demanded to be brought back.
The crews captain was a really old dude. He begged me to forgive this kind of unintentional sightseeing but they needed someone who could actually read (it seems like no one on this ship could read). The old captain almost cried while apologizing and I felt really sorry for him all of a sudden. I told them that I would stay for a while to help them out; they had a lot of books on their ship and wanted me to read some of them for them.
He gifted me a sea shell in return. I turned it around and a load of sand came out of it, accompanied with little gems and coins.