Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


I just caught myself saying “I’m not in the mood for the bar”.
Okay, what kind of dark and twisted sorcery is this?


Take what you need
Or all you can save;
All you ever wanted will burn in a blaze.
Look not for the ending -
The end is unmade;
All you ever lived for will carry these days
Far beyond the ties of time.

The shrill streaks of morning ignite some closing loss
And the silence speaks more human weight
Than you’ve ever known;
For words are like weapons
That only will disclose your weakness.

But all that was breaking,
All that was stone,
Are as far beyond you as the stars;

As far beyond them as you are.

Whatever love will take apart
Beyond these precious moments,
These alone are undivided;

And when the night holds weight,
Pouring unfamiliar pain
In black sheets of separation -


When you’re not even DONE finishing the sentence “I want an arrow towards person XY” and the candle flame almost explodes from all the hissing and sputtering you know that there will be zero chill inside this work.


Oh my…! It must be a dark night of the soul…!


Last week I regained some kind of guaranteed “security”, a morbid one,tho.
But it brought me some peace of mind and sometimes thats all that matters at some point.


Last night was weird. I was asleep and I was not at the same time. I feel refreshed,so no complaints given.


TMW you learn that your astral self wanders around and giving other people teachings about stuff I even have no idea about.
Uh, hello, young lady? You might want to leave all the people alone, won’t ya?


And you tried so hard to keep them locked inside
And you tried so hard to keep the lid nailed tight


In last nights dream my late cat led me to a very valuable book (a journal with a priceless worth, historical wise).
In my dream I received a huge offer if I would sell it.
I kept it and didn’t got filthy rich. Oh, well.


Better story than my most recent one… :zipper_mouth_face:
You’re good, gurl


I think “retarded” is the word you were looking for :smiley:
Thank you, dear!


Try saying retarded with a Boston accent.

Oh you sbould at some point make a sale for a much better whatever. Evoke the Inner Jewish Oddnan to get filthy Uber Jewish Rich!


Don’t worry, if everything else fails I still could sell you :slightly_smiling_face:
Just kidding. I don’t do human trafficking.


He is a cat. You’re all good. :smiley:


Thats ok, no one will ever get close enough and that amount of leverage to bring it to that point. Cant use Love against me to get close to me, because I do not love enemies or frenemies =) Its a magickal cat power we can sense things when its needed.


Thats okay, I am a lazy hag, anyway.


Sounds to me like you need some German Discipline. Lol


Too late, white cat. Too late.


Style choices of the evening


Yesterday I had some real talk with Marquis Leraje. I can not post everything here for the sake of “no ones business but mine” (and for the sake of not killing off even more readers with my boring ramblings)
but a small extract from our dialogue.

Leraje: “You’re a creator.”
Thats not true. I was born a destroyer. You said it yourself. I am not here to create,except for myself,maybe. Bear in mind that we click so nicely because of that: I am a destroyer.
Leraje: "Doesn’t matter. You must understand how all falls apart in order to create. Everything is made to fall apart. "