Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Seems like it. Please don’t tell anyone.


Hehe. I like being the White Cat of the matrix. Im like a spooky cat that alerts agents to the Nazi’s pretending to be Jews so they can be chased out of civilization to live in their ugly cave.


The “vikings” theme song.


So,today appearently this happened

No idea what was going on but the poor woman was totally startled (guess I would be,too).
I convinced her that she must have mistaken me for someone else



Electronic friday


Smile and drop the cliche
'Til you think I’m listening
I take just what I came for
Then I’m out the door again


A lot of growing pains and introversive work is going on atm.
I am not sure if I’m doing fine or if I fail just in a glorious manner.


Dream Log:
Last night I was incredibly lucky to have a stroll together with one of my deceased dogs. We walked along some old routes we would always pick when he was still alive. It was really funny how much he still hated other dogs, even in death.
On top of a bridge I looked up into the sky to see something like a black horse with wings coming down on us. As it flew closer it transformed into the shape of a good looking guy with a somewhat outdated black suit. I identified him to be Orobas, we had met each other a few weeks back already during an unlocking session and I remember it to be one of the more pleasant ones.
He told me that he was only “checking in” and asked if I would mind him staying with me for a while.
Since the dog didn’t protested (he had really strong opinions about other dogs, humans and helicopters when he was still alive) I took it as a positive sign. We walked the rest of the route together, not talking.


If I am the storm if I am the wonder
Will I have flashlights nightmares
And sudden explosions


Update three: yesterday our neighbour complained that our landlord flooded his garage with a garden hose that he left unsupervised for approx. the whole night (whatever he needs that for, mid February).
The water even crept up the garages walls and poured out from little cracks again.


Today I stumbled upon a job offer from a company I would normally ignore since its not exactly my profession. But, as it happens, a little bow and arrow is the companies logo design (Leraje, is that you?) and I scrolled through some other jobs there. And, lo and behold, a very nice opportunity in my favourite area sparked my interest. Coincidence, but a cute one.


Never underestimate the therapeutic impact that is connected to a dream about hunting down living corpses and decorating your house front with the remains…


Some stuff happened. I don’t want to talk about it in detail. since the outcome is a tad more important, I guess.
It lead me to receiving a massive lecture about the nature of human behaviour from Marquis Leraje (I get it, I get it). Later that day, when I got a grip on myself again he popped up again and disapproved about the way I set my shieldings. He told me that I would learn how to do it in a way that would match my “purpose” and I was allowed to have a sneak peek on how he thinks it should be done.

When I woke up said night I could see a creature right in front of my face. It looked like a bald old man with deep black skin. It had a white beard but no mouth and its wrinkly face lacked a set of eyes (but maybe I just couldn’t see properly). We stared at each other for a while (as good as it could stare without eyes, that is) and when nothing happened I went back to sleep. Couldn’t sense anything bad about it, so why not.


TMW you have that “annoyance headache” (people who are forced to work in any retail related job kinda know what I mean) and it disappears the very second you renew your blood offering.
Uh…thank you!


I evoked in the early hours of morning today. I was totally in awe about how the incense smoke and the sunlight mixed with each other; I think I never noticed that before. It was hypnotising perfection.


I might look really focused on my spirit communication at my altar for my S.O.
But the truth is that I’m only drinking a beer, blasting “Africa” from Toto through my headphones…


Appearently my last nights dream mumbling was this:
“Pidgeons are the leprechauns in the world of chickens.”


Thats because it shitting on you is considered good luck


TMW your team leader comes to you because she needs “to talk with you”.
She is pregnant and will leave in July, probably forever since she likes the stay-at-home-mom-thing much better.
She wants me to be her successor.
I wanted to leave in July, as well.