Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices



So a lot of stuff happened during this week

  • I got one of my eyes kinda gouged out and replaced during an in-dream rite

  • Marquis Leraje gave me a necklace during another one. That was cool.

  • A person I have been warned about a few weeks earlier showed his true colours. Friendship is dead and cancelled, humans are (mostly) trash

  • Had a complete meltdown because of said person and his intentions (because trust and stuff). That meltdown lead to some kind of spiritual (?) lash out against another person who just wanted to help and got hurt in the process (I am really sorry,man. Didn’t knew I could actually do that kind of shit.). This taught me two things: I should get a better grip of myself in general and it’s probably not a good idea to just do ANYTHING while being consumed by hate and anger and hate and unpleasant feelings.

  • Apparently Marquis Leraje is helping me a big deal to bring my landlord and his family as many unpleasant inconviniences as possible. (You cut me off from warm water and a working heating system mid winter? Be my guest on this misery carousel. It was a pleasure to hear that the cops are looking out for your wife). I am really curious about what will happen next.

  • Someone I want to get rid from my workplace seems to have a really big problem with other coworkers lately. They seem to be really fed up and ready to act against her. I don’t even have to do anything anymore, really.

  • I got a small wage rise from out of the blue

And it’s not even sunday. Whew, time surely flies when you have fun.


Geist ist Fluch


Hello and welcome to the family, little one :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Oh - it was me
and I cried
For what I should have been.


Update: they seem to be ill all of a sudden (at least that’s my impression, they didn’t seem to be sickly a few hours earlier). Their coughs and lamentations were the sweet music that accompanied me to sleep.
Don’t know if Lerajes work or simple natural circumstances, but pleasant nonetheless.


After the hardships of the past week Leraje and I had a very nice chakra /energy work session,today. We went from chakra to chakra and ,as expected, the crown chakra was kinda blocky from all the hate overdose that was going on.
We used the colour black (and every shade of it) for this work, I could see every nuance of black during it. Every time I thought that I saw the darkest shade a new and darker shade laid itself over it, like a cloud that swallowed the now lighter shade of black.
Leraje told me at some point “The deepest black comes naturally”,whatever he meant by that.


“One does not become enlightened by
imagining figures of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.”


When you were born a destroyer but your inner Britney Spears wants to shine, too


Good morning.
Another week, another chance for full failure, how exciting is that??


Bridges leading to nothing :heart:


TMW you keep a business partner away from the knowledge about someone here fucked something up which leads you to the following wording: “Oh, mister business partner, every woman needs her secret!” and mister business partner answers “Miss Oddnan, I am really curious about what kind of other secrets you may hold.”
Ew, ew, ew, ew.
You owe me big time, CEO senpai.


All shall pass


I might or might not be right in the middle of it.


Burn baby burn! :grin:



Travelling well leaves no trace to see
The keeper needs neither lock nor key


Update two:
Apparently the daughter of my landlord had been rushed to the ER with what seemed to be a nasty looking huge burn blister on her lower arm.
Oh, well.


If I had a heart I could love you
If I had a voice I would sing


So you really are a program of The Matrix.