Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Update: a person that I perceive as openly hostile towards me to any given time seems to keep her distance from me (physical and mental). Let’s see how far I can take this towards persons who are hiding their bad intentions.


Defining what is stable and wholesome lifestyle is a good thing, with developing of a presence is a good thing. And with your bringing some kind of calm into the working environment, also results in future good stored in those planets for oneself and descendants of oneself. With the to know of this Right-Hand path, requiring plenty of longer time-scales to actually work, known as return on investment. But the left-hand path consistently works, known as putting in the grind to achieve some kind of momentum, with stamina only being mostly a matter of gaining momentum in some environment.


So, last night I took a written test, it seems.
Marquis Leraje told me to “be ready” shortly before and I was like “Ready for what??”.
Apparently for this. Hefte raus, Klassenarbeit.
I had to put my test into a box when I finished it.
I can’t remember the details very well but I still recall that a bigger part consisted of the nature of (global) conflicts.
I wonder how I did.


Tonights choice of style
My all time favourite. Attilah Csihars version is bae, but all hail to the late Per Ohlin. Your short time here inspired me massively. I really hope you’ve found what you were looking for :black_heart::black_heart:


My newest received sigil:

Welcome to the family, little one.


Throwback friday


Today I found a mail from an employer that curved me (not very friendly) in favour of another candidate.
They asked me if I would still be up for the vacant position.
I just mailed them back that I would make up my mind eventually, but only for a better salary.
Fuckers. I’m not that interested in that job anymore, but I’m curious if they’ll play along.
They must be really desperate.


Todays mood

Idéer, idéer, jag har så många idéer


Dream log:
If things continue like this I will open up some kind of astral zoo or something.
In last nights dream a donkey came to me.
I was surrounded by some kind of desert, sitting on the ground and staring at what seemed to be a small creek. I was lost in thoughts about this and that when I could see something coming closer to me in the distance.
When it got close enough I could see that it was a donkey, fully packed with luggage and stuff.
The donkey walked straight to me. It was a deep brown coloured animal with huge yellow glowing eyes. It seemed all chill, even with all the stuff on it’s back. I asked it if it wasn’t just too heavy but it seemed to be totally unimpressed by the tower of luggage that occupied his body.
I stroked its head and face and we wandered off together.


It’s sunday,my dudes


Monday madness

Through 7 seas of alcohol
And a jail of dank depression


TMW your CEO is sending you to a gathering so you can flirt with the new head of the commission office because “we need to gain foothold”.

So much for “please be less casual with our business partners”, yes?


Dream log:
Today I dreamt about murdering someone.
That dude was rather aggressive towards another person and attacked me when I wanted to solve this thing without any violence. After he tried to strangle me I smashed his head and “adopted” his two dogs.


You should have more dreams like that. Sounds pretty fun.





I didnt know you were black. This Kiity Kat gettin himself some dark chocolate. MMmm Mmm.


You’re as surprised as I am,then.
Good job.



Me: I feel really cute today.
Also me:

It’s safe to assume that I lost some of my marbles the last couple of days.
But I’m good, now.
So let’s have some happy little tune along with it.