Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Marquis Leraje told me that I’m gonna be “baptized by fire”, soon.
So, the road gets even more bumpy from now on, yes?


Sexy goatee bruv


I’m restless
I’m older
I’m heavy
Like a stone


Dream Log
Last night Marquis Leraje and I played some kind of tag in my dream.
He was “it” and so I ran away from him and looked for a place to hide.

Didn’t made a good job at it, since he was pretty soon behind me. As I tried to run away he gave me a push, I fell down and then he stabbed my right calf with a hunting knife, really deep.
The knife got stuck in my leg and we both laughed about it.
When I woke up my right calf hurted like a mofo.


Preparing you for what he said earlier?


Who knows. But I guess it was just a game.


During a short and rather unplanned evocation with Marquis Leraje I pondered about my career options in general.
He told me very clear “You’re better when you’re alone” which points towards my thoughts about self-employment.


I really hate people who don’t get to the fucking point.


I have to make a confession.
I lied once towards someone and that lie resulted in a box of unopened belgian chocolate wafers and the stash just grows and grows and grows and I don’t know how to stop it because I am too deep into the lie already.
There is that one guy at work. When he was rather new he once showed up with a box of said wafers, offering one to me. I really don’t like those things but I didn’t wanted to hurt his feelings or making a rude impression so I took one and he was all smiley and shiny because of that. He asked me if I liked them and I was like “Wooow, yeah, I totally like them” and now that guy shows up almost daily with a belgian chocolate wafer for me,because I liked them so much :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:
And now I’m sitting here over a box of unopened single belgian chocolate wafers with a really bad conscience but I don’t have the heart to tell him the truth about his almost daily gifts.
Never tell a lie, kids.


They made a My Little Pony Episode about that.
Episode 166 “Secrets and Pies”


The last couple of weeks were tiresome, to say the least.
No rest for the wicked, though. It’s tool time, my dudes.




So far I worked one some aspect unlocking.
Marquis Leraje.
Duke/Duchess Bune.
Marquis Orias.
Marquis Forneus.
King Belial.
Earl Raum.
Marquis Marchosias.
tbc (?)


Saturn comes back around


I can’t say it often enough, but thank you, Marquis Leraje. You are the best working partner I can imagine and I wish I could forever share this little office with you.
Thank you for your tough love and for not letting me get through with my bullshit and stupidity.
Thank you for washing my head when it was necessary and for keeping it on my shoulders as well.
I know that I am a pain in the ass most of the time.
Thank you for having needle and stitch ready when my stupid ass got hurt again during some process.
Thank you for your unyielding attitude when I want to sneak around something but you just throw me straight at it instead.
Do I need an altar? Probably not, since you are always finding me when I choose to hide away again (and pulling me from out of there on my hair if you must). But I like it, nonetheless.
Thank you,man.


Carpathia! All hail to thee!
Thy beauty is beyond compare…


installs waffle counter


Today’s evocation

I went really fast into a meditative state, faster than usual.
We (Marquis Leraje and I) sat on an old dead tree that laid flat down inside a lake. I could hear a campfire crackling in the distance and insects buzzing around. I had my feet inside the water but left my shoes on for some reason. Something was moving inside the water but it didn’t bother me. Leraje sat beside me, drinking something from out of a flask. I was curious about what he was drinking. “You can try it but don’t blame me for everything that happens later.”
I took a sip, or rather, I tried. Nothing but (cold) smoke came out and he chuckled.
I asked him how everything’s going with my path. “Very well, as expected.”
We sat there in silence, it was nice and I almost dozed off.
He nudged me. “I’m afraid we have to go, now.”
I asked him where we would go. My head felt a little bit dizzy. Then I came back again.


Because I just cannot bear the foul and blasphemous thought
that involves getting slain by some filthy amateur’s hands.


Me: “Safety first, don’t run with scissors, do you have a health insurance for that?”
Also me: “Oh, a new sigil. I wonder what it does. Better wear it the whole day.”