Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices




Have you ever been so sleep deprived that you are beyond any tiredness now and actually somewhat hyped?


The cosmos are at war
And they’re in perfect harmony
Maybe you can tell Lao-Tzu
That neutral angels have appeared
I put sugar in the tank
Of the machine that you’ve been feeding
I can hear my sister screaming
I can see my brother bleeding
Mother I am sorry
I can tell you are not pleased
I can see it on your face
And I can hear it in the breeze

Different degrees of empty

The end, I feel, is coming
Like a welcome playful dare
Do I want another ride?
Is it wrong that I’m not scared?
I can crush my fear of pain
And I can crush my fear of caring
It’s consumed me with its eyes
And now I’m stuck here silent, staring
There’s a smile on the horizon
And it’s coming straight for me
And it stretches out its arms
Because it knows that’s all I need

Dormant stage is done
Cocoon is open


last night I was ready to snooze, all tucked in and stuff, when I felt something in my right hand going on.
It was the same feeling I had when I evoked Bune. A strong build up of energy.
It didn’t stayed in my right hand, tho. My left hand felt the same after a few minutes and soon I had two hands that were ignited like fire, but in a good, non-hurtful way. I was afraid to set fire to the bed by accident and it lasted a very long time before I fell asleep.




Sorry for the spam but I am hopelessly in love with this album


If I should ditch magick, I still have the option to influence some folks with a combination of social pedagogy and dog training. That’s nice.


I fell in your war


Dog Training? And why would you ditch magick?


Short version:
There are things that just aren’t meant to be. shrugs


It’s that mood of the day again


If you smell what Oddnan is cooking


Not ditching magick then I guess.


Not until the job is finished :slightly_smiling_face:


Today a coworker told the story about how he met his wife for the first time.
She was pointing a shotgun towards his face, in a forest in the middle of the night.
“And then I thought: that’s her! I want to marry her!”

Romance is not dead, you guys.


Walking in forests in the middle of the night, is just another day…



When all the hollow noise,
the soundless shrieks,
and senseless words are gone.


Why were either of them in a forest in the middle of the night though? I need to interview him.


They both work as rangers in that area :slight_smile: