Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


Procrastiception. I have to think about procrastinating procrastinating. Duuuude…


Exactly :rofl:


You know that an evocation went overboard energy-wise when your S.O. is seriously worried about your body temperature and is insisting that you must be very ill-stricken…


An ice bath then? I agree :rofl:


I showered really cold two times, didn’t done the trick :sweat_smile:


Thats some impressive energy :grinning:

Maybe it will open the gates to Narnia :drooling_face:


When your patron enjoys to irritate you just for the fun of it T-T


Ehehehehe… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Today I received a circular mail from one of our managing directors.
She was totally surprised and shocked that her arrogant and pretentious “newsletter” regarding dressing regulations only landed unread in the bookshelf by most of us.
Yeah, bookshelf. That’s a funny word for trash can, I think.


I wanted to ask Leraje today if he knows someone or somwhat by the name of “Kassa/Cassa” or something.
I heard a male voice reaching out, calling “Kassa! Kassa!” like it was something urgent. I answered the call and asked who speaks to me and who or what a “Kassa” is. No reaction. A few seconds later the same thing (my idiot ass wandered the house to make sure that no delivery guy has been locked up in the floor down below or something). The voice didn’t seem to notice my answers, so I was just like “Maybe the wrong number.”.
Let’s see what’s this all about.


After some evocations with some hinted NSFW elements and some heavy energy overdose I should be fine, now.


Always remember: if you ask a spirit to make itself known with something you might look pretty dumb if you’re surprised when a hand is grabbing your leg.


I wanted to use my last nights dream to spend some time with my parents. For some reason, a storm followed me around in every dream sequence, so instead of dreaming about some chill quality family time we always had to move. I grew a little bit annoyed, so during the fifth time I stepped outside the house and had a talk with the storm. That this won’t solve anything and that its time to stop

Like I called it, the storm stopped on an instant for the rest of my dream and I could have a nice wintery day with my parents :sunglasses:


I just want to take a moment to confess that I had a HUGE crush on Messiah Marcolin, when I was younger.


Candlemass just isn’t the same since he left is it?


Yeah. I just heard the new single today and it reminded me about exactly that :grinning:
One should think that you’ll get used to it with all those different lead singers now. But Messiah is Messiah :woman_shrugging:


Candlemass has become Black Sabbath. Too many lineup changes and now I’ve lost interest.


Haha, I had Black Sabbath’s “13” today on heavy rotation, only to make fun of how often Ozzy would say “All right”, “All right now” and “Okay” on this album :smiley:


What, no “on yeah baby” on that one? That’s pretty standard for Ozzy on a Sabbath album. Haven’t heard all of 13 but played God is Dead quite a bit.


No, no “Oh yeah Baby” at all :smiley:
It’s really nothing special composing wise but I must admit that he is in good shape on this one :thinking: