Diary of stable, responsible and wholesome lifestyle choices


@Silent @AtlantisFrequency Y’all need Jesus!! :smiley:



Since I’m still a little bit fuzzy because of my latest…ugh…energy exchange?..I held my evocation with Leraje a little bit more casual.
I got something interesting, nonetheless.
He said “I want to rip open the cloth. With my teeth.” I was like “You want what, exactly?” (I clung subconsciously a part of my bathrobe tighter, ahem)
“The cloth of disguise”, he answered (phew, that’s good, then).

I asked him if I could start using some skills soon. “You don’t have everything together, yet.” Whelp, okay.
He told me to take care and to take my medicine when we parted. I’ll do.


Xaxaxaxaxaxaxa, sitting right here and laughing like a villain over the fact that a coworker announced her termination because “she wants to move forward”.
She was a fucking nuisance to everyone and I had a long talk with her about how one would get nowhere anymore in this company and how I envy her for her academic degree and her better chances for better jobs. This is hilarious. Another one gone, three people left on my list.

Dream log addition: according to my S.O. I sat up straight in bed, looked at the wall and nagged: “Too many dead people. What a drag!”. I can’t recall a dream like that, I was sure that I had locked myself up with Pelmeni and my make up collection, at least that’s what I’ve chosen to be busy with.



Said every Death Goddess :joy::rofl:


Oh, c’mon! That’s not what it was about :rofl:

Well, with that information I will feel kinda bad for them, when I die :smiley:


TMW you get a 300bucks discount at something and you can use the Spa’s sauna for free the whole day because the booked turkish bath (20 minutes) is under construction. Is this Bune already kicking in??


If a penny saved is a penny earned then I suppose it is.


I just clinked glasses with Marquis Leraje today for getting rid of someone in the blink of an eye :heart:


A timeless masterpiece. Hail, Jon Nödtveidt, wherever you may dwell.


There are different things that make me humble.
Sitting for hours in a bathrobe in front of your laptop for a presentation that is due in four hours, for example.
Could I have done this a few days earlier?
You bet.
Did my knowledge about my procrastinating nature stopped me from actually procrastinating?
Hell to the no.


I don’t even want to :rofl:


Switching from towel to bathrobe is a signal towards “I’ll be ready to get dressed. Maybe. Give me a second.” and therefore an improvement.


Have you ever thought of writing comics?


No :smiley: Creating art is not a trait that has been granted to me but I like to witness other peoples creations.



Well if you ever did. I’d be reading, just saying. You have a subtle way of putting things together in the form of words that I appreciate. Its very much like good song writing imo, there’s just enough depth along with ambiguity to influence the person’s mind that encourages them to find their own interpretation behind it :smiley:


Thank you so much :smiley: In my next life imma be a rich influencer or something, then :moneybag:





Diamonds are made under pressure, amirite? :smiley:


If you feel tempted to procrastinate just remember that you can always procrastinate next week.