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My S.O. just told me that I gave a huge lecture about dogs and their fur last night.
Maybe I should record my dream talk, just to make sure that I don’t miss something important. Like, how to maintain shiny dog fur. :dog2:


When I walked to my car I discoverd that someone placed a twig of a black locust tree right into my doorhandle. I’ll keep the seeds. :deciduous_tree:
When I got to the dog shelter they presented me their newest addition: a black curly mythological little creature named Aszka. He was all over the place and bubbly, although they introduced him as shy and reserved. He is a very good boy and I wished I could take him with me, right on the spot.
An anonymous donator dropped 600 bucks at a local pet store for us. Whoever did this deserves all the best in life.


a twig of locust? Curious, that!


That is fucking awesome, and fun to read.


Yeah, since the only trees near my parking spot are birches and poplars, so the twig didn’t appeared on its own . Just wondering why someone would do this :smiley: Maybe a drunk person who ripped it off by accident or something.


Don’t eat it or chew on it. While some parts of the locust are medicinal, the bark parts are extremely toxic to fatal.


You are working with a Marquis of medicine. Bring this to attention and ask what gives. If he put it there, he should say why. If he didn’t…I’d do your best to find out who did.


Haha, don’t worry :smiley: I do a lot of stupid stuff but I don’t eat random parts of trees or plants that I discovered somewhere :sweat_smile: Oh, well. I will probably plant the seeds someday, if I ever have the luxury of an own garden.

Will do.

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll try to keep it going!


I probably would out of curiosity. lol. I was the kid who ate plants and flowers and chewed on twigs.


I only could pull trough a brief evocation due to an unforeseen jam session going on.
But during it I had a massive sigil flash behind my closed eyelids, Lerajes sigil was huge and appeared three times in a row. He answered my questions regarding the twig that I’ve found.


#Osiris :rofl:


I didn’t want to say it!! :smiley:


LMFAO :joy::joy::joy::joy: Absolutely!


So, after last nights last minute sigil drawing and meditating over it to make myself known with it (thread here, so I don’t have to explain it all over again:)

I had some really weird shit going on inside my dreams that I wasn’t able to control (my dream control game is top notch the last few months) and my S.O. told me that I stood up several times to open and close the bedroom window (approx. six times from what he can recall) and to stare outside said window.
I’m totally exhausted because it feels like I did some really hard work :sweat_smile:
Good thing is that I have home office day today and can catch up on some sleep.


I feel you, some days takes so much energy to move from the bed to the couch and back again :joy:


Bune made a dramatic and extra appearance in my last dream (Gurrrrll, that dress. ON POINT). Thanks to a weird synchronicity my S.O. had a dream about us receiving a huge amount of money at the same time.
I asked Leraje if I should evoke Bune, he confirmed. To my question, why Bune wanted a word with me, he answered “Bune will make you remember.”.

So I called on Duke Bune today (Bune appeared twice as a woman in my dreams.). I asked him what it’s all about. Suddenly my right hand felt incredibly “loaded”, like there was a lot of energy going on. I could feel a hand resting on my right palm. I felt incredibly relaxed all of a sudden, followed by the urge to sleep.
When I looked to the altar it was like time stood still for a moment; the incense smoke and the candle fire were frozen in time. “I already pre-invested into you” could be heard and everything went back to normal. I could HEAR the candle; not it’s flame but an electric buzz (never happened before).
I asked Bune if he had unlocked a hidden aspect inside of me and I heard “It is already done.”.
Since then my hand feels like it would hold something.


Haha! :wink:


See, @Oddnan, I’m not the only perv one here! :joy::rofl:


Sirius B chicks huh :wink: