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So, I will do a thing. Let’s see, where it will take me.
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I just got roasted by Set himself.


Content of todays evocation:
Set, Seth, Sutekh, you name it.

I just shared this gem with a small group, now I’ll put it up on here for good measure.

I don’t know what to make of this, but maybe this is one of those layered experiences that will unfold itself again some other time.

I followed an evocational text that I have found inside the beautiful written “Io Erbeth” (I’m not even sure if it ever found its way into non-german bookshelves).

When I went into trance I could feel how my energy somewhat jolted right down into my legs; my root chakra grew active and I had the feeling that I was glued down to the ground.

He looked really different to me than I imagined; he had red hair and really pale skin, more like a nordic lumberjack. But he wore the same attire you would expect from an egyptian god. He moved further to me and said flat out: "You’re not very strong." “I know”, I sheepishly answered,
“and this is why I need you to unlock your aspects inside of me. You’re strong!”
I didn’t even finished the last sentence when I legit felt a hand grabbing my right upper arm and firmly squeezing it (I now have somewhat of a sore muscle). Before he left he told me “Call me if you need to.” and that was it.



Mood: I won’t be dancing tonight


Today I decided to cut off my communications to all business partners regarding our company for a little while.
Someone made an anonymous complaint about my “casual” way to deal with our business partners and they asked me to tone it down a little bit so we’ll look more “professional”.
Let’s see how long it will take them to discover that it has been my “casual” way that entertained most partners interest in our company at all. It’s not simply flirting or joking around; it’s my diplomatic skill that tamed the most difficult partners and kept disputes between important groups at bay.
They’ll have to deal with it on their own, now. :nail_care:


They are Over analyzing the issue. But I say they are “Anal-lyzing.”


Haha, you said “anal”.


Yeah. Shootin the shit with buddies at work joking around. He said that apparently “Europeans like the Butt stuff.”


Most of them have a huge stick shoved upside their asses, at least.


I had ideas to consecrate sex toys by imbuing them with Sex Spirits.


That’s a good marketing idea. Aren’t crystal dildos a thing? You could sell them with a spirit attached to each :money_with_wings:


No nothing like that. Just regular sex toys, but with astral body equivalent or something like that.

So for example Shooting Satan (S.S.) into certain peoples butts and then they would end up shooting flames out their ass.


Must be active astral bodies who like to move it move it, so you’ll never have to use batteries again :thinking:
Poltergeist penis™


Yes just imbuing your sex toy with energy and turning it into a servitor bindings. You could then place it on your desk to mesmerize your customers


I guess I would be mesmerized myself if this thing would buzz around on the surface. I would probably drop a second one beside it to make a tiny desk race or something. Bzzzzzz


Today I made a chill evocation with Marquis Leraje; only sitting there and listening to music and drinking. I poured him some herbal liquor my coworker gave to me for Saint Nicolas. He complained that it would taste like medicine, yet he demanded a fuller glass. :grin:


Because it does the job once you get past the taste.


In last nights dream I received a dagger out of pure silver, with a sleek handle and tiny symbols engraved on the blade. It was a reward for something, unfortunately I can’t recall for what exactly.


Before our evocation even started properly, Marquis Leraje asked me if the chocolate, that I’ve bought today, would be for him. Maybe I should ask him if he wants to add something to my weekly grocery list, that would be much easier. Too bad that my automatic writing skill sucks big time (although my mom would probably say: “Looks like your father wrote this”).

I was flat out asking him what’s up with my progression, where I am at the moment and where I should move to. “You should step on the triangles”, he spoke (which makes kinda sense, since his symbolism towards me is full of triangles). And: “You are the polished glass.”
Note: he can clearly communicate when it’s about chocolate or liquor, but when it’s time to talk about my development he slips back into Sphinx mode :thinking: Maybe that’s a vital part of this journey but I’m afraid that he’s too confident with my ability to solve riddles :grimacing:
I asked him about the dagger and if he could show it to me again so I can memorize its engravings. “You should go and find it.”


Me: “Okay,brain! I need to focus really hard on this conversation, it’s really important!!”
My dumb ass brain:

Why am I like this?