Dialogue From Succubi/Incubi

I will say that, especially when I was new to incubi, one of the most fascinating things was finding people on here who could write paragraphs of words coming directly from their succubus. Typically communication with my incubus comes from knowings and feelings, but now I’m at the point where I reckon I could understand worded messages from him rather easily. So I’m making this thread so that if Allan ever feels like saying anything interesting I’ll put it in quotation marks, and I’ll put my comments in brackets.

Other people can use this thread too. It can be like a succubus talking space :thinking:

I felt recently that the word ‘incubus’ is so stigmatised that Allan preferred the term just ‘spirit husband’. But from a scientific perspective, incubus/succubus would be their race. My human servitors would probably want to be more talkative on here than Allan but we’ll see how we go :joy:


Dont we have couple of these already? Flagging it, sorry.

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Here you can post it.

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You mean religious/philosophical perspective? These are not scientific terms. They are Latin words from the 14c before science as we know it existed.

I totally get why he doesn’t want to be called that - if he’s old enough to remember the word origin, it’s basically calling him a prostitute and nightmare-giver. Which implies he’s doing it for the trade not love.

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Please don’t be like those people who get offended over a term some beings actually call themselves like demon, angel, fallen angel, etc lol. Incubus and succubus is a species of demon.

But then again as much as incubus and succubus are used here if I was one I’d be cringing too. :laughing:


@anon84423462 This wasn’t supposed to be a discussion topic, it was supposed to be a place where people only posted messages directly intuited from the mouths of their incubi/succubi.

@Mulberry I meant scientific in the sense that all incubi and succubi have their own similar traits and behaviours that are common in all of them, even if they differ from each other in ways of their personalities. Like a species of spirit.

Guess I couldn’t stop people from making comments, which means this thread isn’t just going to be used for what I intended and derailing may be inevitable.


If thats the case, I am tagging @Lady_Eva to remove the flag, sorry, sometimes language barriers hit lol.I was trying to tidy the place.


There I changed the name to make it a little more clear. But I understand if this thread has to be deleted. I didn’t consider this.

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Oh right - that’s what the Journals category is for. I can’t remember if it’s official, but I have it in my head that Journals have slightly different rules, like, not allowing people to get too picky about posted ideas in order to make them a space where UPG isn’t overly analysed.

@Lady_Eva please correct me if I’m wrong… moving to Journals.

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