Devouring shades

Is it possible to consume shades while in your astral body and gain power from it?

Shades as in the class of Shadow entity, or Shades as in the projections of negative subconscious archetypes? Or other?

I read this to be referring to ghosts. I’f it is referring to ghosts and can be done, when is the best time to do it? Must it be done immediately posthumously or can any ghost entity be used?

I presume that it can be based on my knowledge of consuming entities but I’d love to hear if anyone has experience.

I think it would be possible since other shades do it. Put a filter would need to be put into place so that the energy is wiped and the residuals are not picked up in your own body.

Yeah, what is the point of devouring a shade?

energy to put towards another goal

Okay. Guess it doesn’t make sense to me, but I get it at the same time. But I think I can harness enough energy myself.

Why not just eat a cheeseburger?

you wouldn’t understand unless you were into vampyrism and necromancy lol

is a shade the same thing as a hollow?

a shade is the energetic remains left after someone dies

-takes you to get a happy meal- :wink:

There are entities that can eat other entities. I don’t see any reason why you couldnt do the same. But I would use caution as just eating any old entity could be the astral equivelent of picking something weird off the ground and eating it.

I was once attacked by some weird astral entity that looked like a yellow cloud man who tried to pin me to the bed. I was too strong for him though and he tried to flee, but I wouldnt just let him run away. I grabbed him and began biting into his astral body. He tasted really bitter. Anyway I ended up causing him to disperse after that. I’m not sure if that counts as devouring an entity.

I’ve eaten astral entities before. It doesn’t really “taste” like anything because I absorb them like a sponge, and then crush them inside of my astral body before assimilating the energy. I’ve taken down a number of spirits by injecting them with huge amounts of death essence though. Same effect.