Not sure what part of me this came from?
Or did it come from you?

You are here but not,
You exist but not,
You are everywhere but nowhere,
Whats within lies out
What is out lies within
Everything is truth
And everything is a lie
You exist within duality
You also exist as one
You exist as many
And you exist as none
Make it your own
And become that which you desire
For in the fire of eternal damanation
You are the serpent that will arise to devour all.
Devour prayers cast upon your flesh
Devour curses sent to test
Devour energies sent bless
Devour all to pass the test
When you devour all of creation
Then and only then will you surpass all limitation.
Become the eternal void
Become the shadows
Become the madness
And you will see all that you are
You will be all that are


Wow, that’s an intense writing I loved it

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