Devotional lesson with Belial

Are you willing to sacrifice pain for something you want that badly (yes that was his lesson personally with me that one night but no you do not need to hurt yourself or others to get what you want from a spirit new people, don’t be beating yourself up with a bucket of rice or bricks every single time you do a ritual. Unless that’s your practice I guess)

I been meaning to make a nice thread talking about this experience cause perhaps it could be a lesson to learn. Especially for any other new practitioners here and this isn’t to scare them either. I think trial and error is a good addition to your practice as we all make mistakes and it’s ideal to learn from them so as much as I don’t like getting my ass kicked by an entire spirit or another witch from messing up or provoking someone because I was younger and full of myself, IMO the occasional knock you on your ass technique works if you can’t learn any other way lol

A while ago I made a deal with belial and I don’t remember exactly what it was but I said I’d get it done that night whatever my part of the deal was. He seemed content with it and a deal has been made. Of course my lack of experience and knowledge got the best of me because I picked a night where i think it was my brother’s birthday dinner. Coming to ritual time my dad and him pick me up and I even told them I think that I have “some religious stuff to do” but I didn’t want to miss my family’s birthday so I think if I remember 100% he understood. That came with a catch though, he was ok with it…as long as I did something else for him😂.

When I arrived home I was instructed to get some sage powder. Roll it in paper towel and make a mini tin foil stand. That’s how I made some really good incense sticks that were easy to make yet they made a lot of smoke. IMO that’s better then spending 20$ On a box of 400 but that’s my opinion, vs spices at a supermarket be it 8$ and everything else I have at home.

So he instructed to make that. I did. Now I was supposed to go outside and I was like “ok let me find my shoes” and I heard a stern no as I suppose shoes are not important in this situation. But i also suppose monks and what not didn’t own a pair of puma running shoes lol. This was before we started backyard revocations so no nails everywhere. He instructed me to then line some bricks out (we had a bunch left over from older construction so he told me to use some). And basically my job from here was to sit on my knees and watch the incense burn. Not sit down but like as if im propped up on my knees praying, that way all my body weight goes to my knees and I had to essentially sit there like that until this entire homemade incense cone burned down or I start over. I thought that would be impossible and it almost was but I was able to do it and the entire time belial was giving me morality speeches and speeches on “is the pain worth it” lol. his point later was “do you really want it that bad where you’d be able to sacrifice something? Let’s start with a few days of mobility in your knees”:joy: which as funny as that is and as harsh as some may consider that to be I was happy I was actually able to be on my knees for 30-45 minutes putting the body weight knees first into bricks. Not many people can do that lol. My knees for the remainder of the week were black and red and it felt like leg day in the gym but if you concentrate that on your knees whenever you walk lol. Nonetheless I think I learned my lesson lol. He was more so telling me he wasn’t mad or anything just disappointed ig? I mean while I was out at dinner I could feel the entirety of the disappointment like if someone over my shoulder was like a mixture of sad and disappointed. And believe it or not I felt bad. I always feel bad for simple things even so this isn’t new for me lol. At the end of this entire lesson all I get is “now you may rest” or something similar. Painful. Tedious but I needed to learn one way or the other on keeping my word I suppose.


Sounds like you got a bit of the drill sergeant treatment

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It wasn’t screaming either. He’s never yelled at me like a DI would lol. It’s usually the oddly calm. Way too calm despite the annoying ass mistakes “get up off the ground…and back on your knees or start over” lol


So…DAD energy…lol


That is how belial Lucifer and now I’m noticing azazel has been acting that way around me. Maybe they think I need the extra hand lol

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I’ve not gotten this “Dad” vibe people keep talking about with in relation to Belial. I get more of a “daddy” type vibe if you get my drift… Maybe it’s because I’m female? I was also just told quite sternly “I am not your servant, I am not your friend. But you are mine…” And then my ritual got interrupted. So idek if he was finished talking.

So I have no idea what that means or what I’m meant to do. Does anyone else get a very dominant, sorta sexual vibe from Belial? Or is it just me?


You’re not the first women to report sexual energy from him I had a female claim to me she saw him in a rather sexual dream. I never heard of belial doing that in dreams but it is what it is each to there own I suppose

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Yes, my “pain” to his great delight was suddenly being made very… Aroused and unable to do a thing about it until he allowed it. This was the first sorta experience together. But he said nothing at all to me, even though I could feel him there.

The only closer sexual vibe I’ve gotten was with Lilith. But that was more a softer, sensual vibe whereas as this was very much more dominant.

I also believe that it was him in a dream I had a while ago (I talk about it on another thread actually) that was very sexual in nature. So I am glad that I’m not alone lol.

Maybe this is to address something in my life? Well, I know I’m not having sex, so it’s not that being pointed out… Idk. Maybe something with my base chakra? Or maybe he thinks the best way to teach me something involves sex/sexuality. Idfk.

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I suppose you can always ask him why he’s going 50 shades of grey?:joy:

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He doesn’t say much… He’s been the least talkative spirit or hardest to break through to, I’ve worked with. Like, last night, other than the dream, was the first thing I’ve gotten words wise and a hint of a physical appearance.

The dream said “we have to die to be reborn” and I’ve never understood that really. And the fact the ritual was interrupted by my kid deciding to go mental mid damn sentence has left me so confused “I am not your friend, I am not your servant” was the main clear thing I got. “But you are mine…” Was interrupted. I’m assuming he means “you are mine to teach” because that’s literally the only thing that would make any sense.

But, I know why he’s choosing sex torture me… I’ve been in a long distance relationship for two years. So I guess you can imagine how easy it would be to do lmao.