Devotion to a spirit

Wanted to show my devotion to Mammon (wealth) by calling him up for an hour, if I feel good I might go for two hours.

Will Mammon take notice? If so what does he do in your experience?

I’m doing this for my mother.

He gave me really good relationship advice and zero money

I wouldn’t call him for such a long time unless you are really good at spirit contact and really good at entertaining guests, because when I started my training 13 years ago, one of the first things that was told to my group was that when you are a beginner, you may talk with a spirit for one hour, but only 3 minutes were actual conversation and the rest was you talking to yourself, which is not that bad if you persue the Knowledge and Conversation with the Higher Self, because as Joan Manuel Serrat said, “el que habla solo espera hablarle a Dios un día” (“he who talks alone expects to talk to God someday”)