Devils three score 6

Or 3 way. Sexual MFM but from my experience a lot of mutation going on. And sorcery from a far or close up. I’ve seen ducks have aggressive three ways. My last experience was something I did from Mark Allen Smith …about a last intercourse with a soul mate who is gone. During that the girl I was with told me about the horses out in Rio Linda. Two stallions porking the female. The first one I experienced was with a werewolf. She had fur all over her. I relate most of this to the trident excluding belial. Who overseas great endings. One once told me he’s a burner of households. He has taken over marriages. Comes the quickest. Giant white buffalo mistaken as an angel. Evoked, personally, by the forces of a couple on bikes and their red friend. He appears to me as an Ol d man with no hair and his walking stick. Yellow eyes if I think to see it. He identifies himself by speaking of his stomach ache and having to take pills. He turns one wand into six and the peace pipe pow wow is similar. He is surprised when you allow him to take a shower. He leaves a nickel of energy for you. Most the time he appears as a frantic young wizard who has a new idea for everything.

…as they escape to vacation.

Remember what the exorcist said…

Energy. Just energy. The Devil does not want your soul.

All this to avoid.

The song Lola by the Kinks just slipped through. The ones inside of us. Now im threatened…and I have no idea

Today at 02:52 AM I almost removed the following secrets from feali t aka reality.


I’ve seen the tinker toys build up behind. The Legs That lookLIE luke mine. mine. The data checks in roots the scary sounds in the screaming child. Autism. Ada da da blee g blockout. The WOEST FORCED Sex Scene OF THE year. No code of honor. Then I heard him say, "YOU DIDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WHEN I WAS YOUR WIFE"
One eyed ex boyfriends. Oranges at your door the next morning ( a sign of death in the movie the godfather)
If you hear voices…Listen to them. I didn’t get out. Lilith strangles children…you don’t want that.
Faith. Light. Moving…energy. black candles remove entities you may want to be there! And don’t burn one for your brother and sister EVER.

The gods shoot rockets. They are disrupted and so retire. Leaving you reigns. Leaving you I in their position…

Tarot cards associated are princess of swords and queen of swords

Tarot card most associated is the lovers. The true creation of EVE

Beliar always thinks he can do better than you. Don’t believe it. You can. You will.

End of transmission. Share your experiences… I’m curious how many people this happens to. Also…a lot of water involved. Dangerous rain storms that never come.