Developing skills_Donald Tyson edition

Hey everyone, I came across Donald Tyson’s book called the magician’s workbooks, practicing the rituals of the western tradition.
There are 40 exercises in this book to develope your skills.
I have some question:

  1. Is it necessary to develope these skills?
  2. Can i perform these exercises twice a day to finish it in just 20 weeks?
  3. Are there any other books that teaches the same subjects that you would like to suggest and refer to?
  4. Is koetting’s evocation course enough on its own for mastering these skills?

I would say do it as advised, don’t try to cut corners or speed it up. Think of it like gym work, you can only build a muscle so fast, and if you push it you can cause problems that set you back: good form is more important than speed.

There’s also then no such thing as too much practice, but most people don’t get enough.

If you want to get good, do both and do them well.