Devas/nature spirits


Specifically gnomes that live in trees. Are any of you familiar with these?

I saw one in a tree in my garden the other evening after fumigating my kitchen and hallway with sulphur (which nearly ended in disaster but that’s another story…). I saw out of the corner of my eye something small and tan-coloured dash through the weeds under the trees, and when I looked up, I saw a face in the tree. I looked again and I couldn’t tell if it was the face of a pig or a dwarf. I settled upon it being a cross between a pig and a dwarf with a beard (I’m not trying to be insulting, it really did look like that) when the neg said in a calm voice, “It’s a deva,” right? Normally I wouldn’t take any notice of anything the neg tells me but this time I decided to hold fire and do a bit of research first.

I’d heard of devas but wasn’t really sure what they were. So I looked it up online and realised that what I was looking at was a bearded tree gnome or “old men of the woods.”

Then I was sitting there in my living room pondering all of this, when the gnome connected with me psychically and requested I clear the garden, and I agreed to get it sorted soon.

I’ve been planning to engage in philanthropy work later on in life when I’ve matured spiritually and when I’ve made enough money from business. But shortly after I was asked to clear the garden, it was psychically suggested that when I’m ready to do some philanthropy, I should also focus more on working with the environment and the planet too.

The weird thing is, I never used to care about the planet. I used to think that the planet could take care of itself. I wasn’t always kind to animals and I thought nothing of killing insects that frightened or irritated me. But over the past several months, I’ve started to care a lot more about the welfare of living creatures and plants and being more kind to them.

Pretty uncanny, at least for me. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why it made itself known to me though (apart from requesting the garden be cleared, etc). Any ideas?


Hello Gemma! As your psyche expands to include more of Life - be it nature spirits or anything else - you will receive all manner of suggestions, requests, inspirations, ideas and so forth. These are NOT guidance. They are opportunities & offerings, nothing more. If the suggestions don’t really appeal to you, don’t plug into them. If you ‘kinda like’ the idea, explore it further. NEVER give over the planning, deciding or directing of YOUR Life. That’s Your Right AND Your Responsibility. You are a Creator whether you like it or not. To hand over your Will for yourself to any Being who might SEEM loftier, wiser or more powerful would be a gross injustice to YOU and the highest Insult to That which brought You forth. You are a magnificent Being in your own right and you have every resource in the Universe available to you to Create a Life You Love! :wink: Z


Oh I wasn’t handing over my will to anything. I’m far too bloody-minded for that. What was being suggested is in fact in line with my own growth. I think it was suggested because I didn’t have much of a direction.