Determining which Loa already walk with you

I am very interested in determining which Loa are already present with me, and if possible find the one I am most closely in a relationship with. I forget the exact term for it but it’s similar to a patron deity I suppose.

Would simple tarot divination work?

Edit: Forgot to add there are no nearby vodoun practictioners , that would be my first person to contact

There is no other way to tell other than a consultation with a credible Houngan or Mambo. This does not have to be in person, with technology these days, there are other ways. A Ghede came into possession at in a ceremony I was at and in answer to a question I asked the Ghede said “Girl, why do you think a dead old Kreyol women cannot fly on the computers? You can do it! Not so hard for the Dead. A dead old Kreyol woman can even drive a car!” Yup! A spirit said that! It dispelled any concern I had about using technology in matters like this. Just make sure you find a legit people. Ask your ancestors to lead you to the right one. Use a candle and a glass of water and call you ancestors and enlist their help. Remember, ancestors are your first port of call. Ask them to help you and get them to ask your escorts. You may not know who is in your entourage but your ancestors will. They can approach the Lwa for you.

There is not even a House in the continent I am in but the Lwa led me to the right Houngan to do my first Leyson, then my Spiritual Family followed.

There is a saying, Vodou is for everyone, but not everyone is for Vodou. If the Lwa want you, they will make it happen.

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