Detecting LARPers

I think you’re confusing pride into larping which doesn’t make sense.


I think he is saying it isn’t so much larping as it is a persons unique experience, and that wanting to share that with others is pride

I feel it too but I prefer to keep it reserved


Having pride in an experience I would think is a bit if not wholly different from larping/role playing.


While in the 20 years of me being involved in pagan/ occult practices, I have never heard the term “LARPing” made in reference to someone who is viewed as a pretender or attention seeker in this way.

It is actually fairly accurate.

There was a bunch of this back in the early 2000s after “The Craft” came out. Then the onslaught of fluffy bunny books by Silver Ravenwolf and the like, a real cash cow for Llewellyn Press. I was early in my practice of the occult at the time and even I was noticing the prevailing mist of those captivated solely on the dark imagery of the impending counterculture and the shock value it provided.

“…I’ve seen The Craft and Charmed… I know what I am doing…”

yeah… ok… cool.

Later on, I was part of JoS and other organizations’ email groups where I mostly just read the banter back and forth to learn more about LHP practices. All these guys and gals talking about how they were in a trance or something and vanquished the Archangel Michael “once and for all” with their magick and yada yada yadda…

It’s one thing to share an experience, or even journal entry, for information sake… it’s another (as the OP pointed out) when someone goes from fledgling to master sex orgy angel slayer demon thrall in a matter of weeks with all kinds of over the top accounts of spiritual workings and combat.

In this day and age where we as people are encouraged to identify with whatever fleeting fancy that befalls them, a healthy level of skepticism and discernment is required now more than ever.


LARPers so annoy me!!!

Great topic.

I’m not sure calling these people LARP-ers is the best term, I prefer fantasists and they have been around since the beginning of time. The entire alternative community is infested with these people and most turn out to be frauds eventually, but not until they’ve caused immense damage to whatever cause they’re demolishing with their idiotic fantasies.

I must say, I also fell for a few of these initially, such as David Wilcock, Corey Goode or Simon Parkes, though they are more involved in the UFO community than the occult specifically. It wasn’t until I met people online who knew them from the very beginning and caught them in their lies early on, that I realised what frauds they were.

These people are dangerous psychopaths, that lie without flinching and defraud gullible people for a living. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to find genuine people in the alternative/occult communities and you just have to do your own damn work and research, nobody’s going to do it for you.


True, but sadly there’s also some who don’t see what they’re doing as lying. As in they truly believe themselves, but that’s not so bad, it’s only bad in my opinion when they start trying to teach others, then those others go on to praise them which draws in others, it becomes a constant cycle.

These kind of larpers tend to not do it intentionally but also don’t care to listen, but you notice they’re larping because a lot of what they talk about tend to have no basis or the basis is jumbled up nonsense they tried to forcibly peace together.


Kinda yes, add unhelpful to the list.But I do not see a reason to bump this thread, not that I am complaining since it resurfacing means newcomers can see this.

By the way, your revelation is pretty common in Koettings books so it really isn’t a revelation eh?

I am sorry, why did you bump this thread again?

UPG is just what its name is.Unverified Personal Gnosis.Believing is yeah, of course up to people, but many people here also can compare their own knowledge and some tend to come out as stink.UPG can be dangerous when throwed away as a fact.




thank you for your answer.

you’re right,
it’s only a problem as long as i see it that way.

i guess i had unsolved resentment lingering,
that woke up from working with a spirit.

but then that should have probably gone a different direction,


Can you expand on why that statement of mine was false?

How is Gnosis independant?

Dont beat it :stuck_out_tongue: I couldnt really see a purpouse so I asked.

Of course, I can try.UPG can become Shared Personal Gnosis through comparing your experiences with others.

Now you might ask:But Littleshart, it still has personal in its name, are you retarded?

Maybe, but UPG is personal knowledge and its purpouse is defeated in the moment that we share it with people already.I had UPG, I talk it with someone, they have the same information I have, it becomes SPG.So not all gnosis is personal imo.But I am retarded so…


:rofl: naow that eos Gould.


So you mean the consent or agreement.
Right, but that’s not were gnosis comes from.
Gnosticism tries to discern the will of God, and translate it down into our world.
So gnosis means first hand experience With the divine. Or in our case infernal. Sometimes both.

Personal experience - is a joke, a axiom already.

Who can experience something for you, on your behalf, without you participating in it?


Can someone read the Sumeria tablets for me?

And someone do my emotional trauma healing, from having lost my mum?

There is only personal experience.

Even the akashic records are personal.
They’re the sum total of all expirience, and yet, that makes them become an entity, and by that, it’s personal as well.

What you get from books, and stories is information, and opinion, and guidance. Or insults sometimes.

But no one can talk your belly full, or make you have slept without you wasting a minute touching the bed.



But, it is pretty much always something a person perceives directly, which exactly makes it personal.

Now what has agreeing that azazel exist, to do with one person seeing him sitting on snakes, while the other sees him in the desert sitting in front of a campfire.

It’s almost racistic superficiality.

It’s like saying when wearing a suit, you’re respectable, everything else doesn’t match the description in your hiring papers, so when you show up in a blueman to do the job, you’re send back home because the customer doesn’t recognize your to be the person they called to fix their sink.

Plus, we’re dealing with several pantheons, at least I do, there is way more spirits than the 72 goetia listed.

But there is also the Indian concept, of simply seeing everything as holy, even dirt, even the devil and all his evil itself.

And then look at lore: Satan was cast out or heaven, and humans too.

So who’s closer to us than the devil anyway?

Isn’t the “devil” the only one who cared when Adam and eve got judged and thrown out of eden?

Now the Bible clearly has chapters, of several people telling the very same story completely differently.

And I’m no expert on that book, others are much more interesting.

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I think you are trying too hard to get the upper hand but its just funny.

Are you incapable of understanding that I meant after I shared my information on my gnosis, they had the same info, this is shared personal gnosis.

Lmao Yberion I am not into pissing contest of who knows the mythology more or less race, dont come up to me with that minecraft block type of writing, NOW THAT EOS GOULD.

You are saying that bible has different interpretations outta nowhere, like I said SPG is the ultimate truth.

You are,


Shared personal gnosis is if two people for example meet up in the spiritual plane and they both experience an entity similarly, see the entity similarly.

Another example is if someone sees Lucifer own way and another person has seen him the same way in their UPG.

UPG isn’t just with the divine or in your case the infernal. UPG is with anything that we cannot tangibly confirm with our physical eyes and senses that others would also see with their physical eyes and other senses.

This thread I think just brings out those that may have some kind of truth in some.


10/10 good thread.


I unknowingly larped a lot when I first started, I think.

The difference is if you realize or acknowledge it and learn from your ignorance. Others become delusional.

I understand it. A lot of people are here because they want to escape the reality they’ve found themselves in. I know that’s why I started on this path.

You have to come to terms with your situation and stop trying to run away from it or else you can fall victim to the stories you make up in your mind.


I’m quite new here, but I’m noticing a lot of bad advice from the clueless. Also, people getting themselves into big trouble by attracting parasites and presenting it as some sort of magickal working.

Young girls in particular seem to attract parasites with ill-advised rituals that they’re clearly unprepared for then they think they are the exclusive lover or wife of some famous deity or demon.

I am frankly appalled at some of the dangerous nonsense some of these people get themselves into. Magick is dangerous and not for the naive and unprepared. It can kill you or destroy your life, if you do it wrong. As somebody pointed out earler, TV, and specifically trendy teenage witchy-shows are mostly to blame for this phenomenon. Astral leeches must be having a field day right now…


And anime with magick and supernatural themes.


Hey, Mushishi is cool.

And Little Witch Academia taught me everything I know…


I love this thread so much. Maybe I am more ram than kitty as I have butted heads quite a lot on this topic.
There is a well-known sprit keeping forum who seems to promote this heavily, and people just constantly dump their delusional fan fiction on there, so that newcomers end up getting tricked into the idea of purchasing sexual entity companions, and then invariably follows the “why aren’t I having the same experience” threads.
Oh I got much feedback to my frustrations myself, which was mostly how I must be lazy or not cut out for this thing, or some such blockage and other BS reasons about how my failure is all my fault, rather than people admitting that it is mostly if not completely a scam.
In forums run by sellers there is a definite perpetuation which benefits this commerce, which is why I prefer the BALG forum for being almost completely opposite. I was one of the few people to take a stand and speak out against this stuff, casting doubts about legitimacy, but people did not like their fantasy bubbles burst, so it was really just a waste of my energy to try to save some people from wasting money and time on it.
I have a question though, I see a lot of cautions here about attracting parasites, but for those of us who get no spirit interaction at all, how do you know if you even have an imposter or anything at all around? Honestly I have imaginative times that I daydream on for comfort but I would not post them as experiences. But I truly don’t know if anything at all has heard my attempts at contact, whether legitimate deity/entity or not. I confess to not being worried about this purported danger.

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If it’s exaggerated back to back then they not doing magick. Real Magick don’t really do exaggeration. that’s movie magick.

You know the saying. If it sounds too good to be true. It probably isn’t. =o)

And if it sounds like a d&d role playing game. then you know it probably is such game in their heads. THey creative . you gotta give them that. lol

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