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I’m having a really hard time with some spirits constantly picking information from my mind. I was wanting to know if some of you are able to read people’s minds then what do you see or hear? Are you only able to read the mind of people who talk in their mind? For example if someone says “I need help” in their mind do you hear that very sentence? But if the person feels that they need help but they don’t pronounce the sentence in their mind then what do you see or hear? I’ve been facing the issue of some gods and entities reading my mind for years now and this has caused me a lot of anxiety. I just wish I could at least know to what extent they can read it. They seem to extract all kind of information from my mind and I’m more than uncomfortable with it. Do they truly hear every single word that plays in our mind? And once again if I do not talk in my mind can they still pick up information? Let say for example that I think a person is ugly, but I do not say “he/she is ugly” in my mind, will they still know that I find the person ugly?


Im not able to read minds or anything and i dont know how much this helps but one day i gave a girl my number with telepathy if i remember rigt she said the numbers kind of showed up im her mind again not sure how much it helps

Thanks for your reply. Did you actually speak the number in your mind like you could actually hear the sound of the numbers? Or did you just see the number written in your mind like an image? Did you have to actually direct an intention toward her?

What i did was i seen the number i did it one at a time then i with my minds eye put it on her forehead then just let it sook in when it was deep inside i exploded it like a bomb to the point thst there wasnt a single point in her mind that she couldnt see it

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Have you tried warding your mind against these spirits? Creating a sort of boundary or barrier they can’t cross?

envision you mind with fog


Fog is illusive. I say build an impenetrable fortress around your mind, you could visualize this as a sort of helmet that closes your mind off to the world and you can create a servitor to let you know when someone is trying to lay into your thoughts and deal with them efficiently. On the other hand you’ll probably be able to sense this without the servitor.

Still @Nagathex is right, fog helps to conceal things and actually tricks the eye into seeing things that aren’t there. So you can incorporate both ideas.


I used to be worried about spirits reading my mind but then I just sort of rolled with it. Occasionally I’ll have Odin or Lucifer respond to my thoughts as they occur and almost always they give me good advice. I’d listen to @Aluriel and @Nagathex if you don’t like it though. It’s not for everyone.


i wish my grammar at the moment was better one on note

Thanks for your advise. I haven’t tried anything appart from wearing a black tourmaline. I guess my next step will be to try creating my first servitors. @fratermagni I’m living exactly the same thing as you sadly

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Stepping up to the potter’s wheel of godlike creation! :smiley:

I did a walk-through tutorial on creating servitors to act as wards in this thread, I’ll drop it in in case it’s any use to you/other people having the same concerns (and too shy to post! :slight_smile: ).



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