Destruction leads to success

Hm why do we always advise everyone against jumping into the disruptive forces along these paths?

I fully comprehend the pain, sacrifice, and hardships that come along with these workings- my very first working with demons lead to the destruction of my world as I knew it but…

I wouldn’t be where I am if it hadn’t happened. Ultimately it results in changes, that we would never attempt on our own because of how devastating the trip would be.

I imagine, many on here will never do this willingly. I wouldn’t have the first time, but ultimately the path I created for myself on Saturday was the result of the- To force an ending, djinn ritual from Hargrove’s book. I knew full well to force an ending to make a change would likely be traumatic, it has been- and well quickly at that. I was in bed by 1 am, fitful rest I might add- and had results show up at 9:41 am. I had to look at my damned phone to see the time- because once again, I could not believe it was possible I made something happen.

Good will come from it. For one being 2600 miles from my kids is rough and essentially being forced to go home is … well tougher than planning things like I hoped. When your dating someone who can’t plan for personal issues of his own however, sometimes you need to force the situation to change.

Fck me. I’ve slept 7 hours since 9:41 am so sorry for rambling.

I think my question was why do we not encourage others to embark on the harder journeys- that will ultimately lead to them either aligning with the path they should be on or getting the Fck out of where they don’t belong.

I know I keep doing the same, encouraging people to do safer things, to take the longer harder path of growth-through discipline, and training- so that they won’t suffer like I have, but I think I changed my mind.

Embark on your journeys. Jump in with both feet. Follow the instructions for the path your given, but don’t be so afraid of the unknown and what it cost to get to the other side.

The other side is worth it. I promise.