Destruction Caused by One's Own Anger Curse

Warning: My language was fueled by anger, which powered the spell. It is not pretty and ultimately was useful. I do not recommend channeling spirits (mainly the human ones) connected with murder as openly as I did unless proper protections are established and banishment follows.

I once said here on this forum that no one has threatened my children, but upon rereading one of my journals, this is not the case. There was one incident where that did happen with an ex roommate and it led to both my most successful banishment spell (which I have shared here) but also one of my most successful curses. This is the story of that curse and my method.

So, this roommate was only supposed to be crashing for a week while in transition of getting a new place. This did not happen and after months of dealing with her, things got extremely tense. She started to develope a queen bee mentality and it got to the point where she was haltingly arguing with my wife. One day, she got my youngest involved and tried to take a swing. My wife tried to kick her out then and there but the home owner got in the way. Upon hearing the news that this happened, I was beyond heated and immediately went to my ritual area. I gathered only a few ingredients: grave soil, sulfur, salt, rubbing alcohol and a piece of paper with the victim’s name on it.

I mixed the dirt and sulfur together, drowning the mixture with my hate and cast a circle with it. I cut my finger with my knife and sprinkled my blood around the circle, calling out my ancestors, the wrathful dead (especially those who died after causing great acts of hatred such as genocide, patricide or matricide. Basically, anyone who has destroyed life out of their hatred), Ares and the Furies.

Sitting in the circle, I relaxed the body and allow myself to dive into the current of hatred that has flowed through the hearts of man throughout the ages, channeling every murder, fight and war I could handle. I turned toward the page with the victim’s name on it, visualizing it being her as vividly as possible as allowed the power to build within. I felt the anger of my ancestors burn in my blood. I poured salt into a fireproof bowl with the alchohol and set it ablaze.

I sat there, allowing the current to flow through my body into my victim, seeing it turn into a dark liquid poisoning and infecting her heart. Slowly, I saw her as little more than rotting flesh and I announced

“May every ancestor, God, shade and devil of wrath hear my words. This waste of flesh has failed to control her anger and has wronged my own. May her anger in turn rip away every home, lover, job and goal for the rest of her days. May all she attempts to grow rot before her eyes. She shall live like the dead without the rest and peace Death provides. It is done.”

I threw the Page into the flames and watched it burn, seeing my victim’s strength of control fade into nothingness. I remained there for hours, channeling all of the current I could muster into the working, even long after the flames died. I then moved onto the Sorath Banishment spell i have posted and cleansed myself thoroughly afterwards. The next day, the victim was out of our lives.

As far as the results, recently my mother in law informed me that she was homeless, lost her job, lost her custody battle, and her relationships have fallen apart, all connected with her temper. That individual has seized to be a problem, nor have I ever needed to use this curse again.