Destroying the past

I would like to perform a ritual or a work related to overcoming the past, rather destroy it and build a new one so that my present and future will manifest in the best way according to my will.

It would be like a mental reprogramming or something, but more magickal.

Has anyone done something similar? What entity or work did they do?

Tell me your experience, thank you very much!

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i havent done something like this but the following can help: Lucifer, any death god, any fire associated spirit.

How can lucifer help me with this?

Let’s say in what sense?

hes good at tearing blockages. hes also good at healing emotional issues. you could just invoke one of them to tear down “all that no longer serves you”

I am looking for exactly the same thing as you. Lady Eva has said that she had erased some events from her past. I am more than interested… Maybe this has something to do with past life regression, I’m not sure because the events we’re looking to erase are from this current life.


I reiterate that I would like to know…

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Kali Mah: Kali mantra magic: summoning the dark powers of Kali Mah Mantra magic

Mantra 5

Om Sri Maha Kalikaye Namaha

Pronounced : Aum Shree Ma Ha Ka Yay Na Ma Ha

This one is for people want a clean slate, a new beginning This mantra will reset your life, this is another one to be mindful of Kali works very fast and this mantra will bring her very quickly to you.


Have YOU changed significantly in the meantime? If not, everything you do will end up the same, sooner or later - like the geographic cure…

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Thank you, I will try, I like Hindu mantras very well

Yes, I think I have changed a lot, it has been a great inner work, of course I need a lot more, but I have seen in some way how some events are still repeated not in my favor, that is why I have much to achieve and I would like to accelerate positive change in a magickal way.