Destroying my higher self

Is it possible to destroy my higher self? Would I still exist without it?

I dont necessarily know but I HIGHLY advise you dont do that.


It depends how you see them, but in theory yes.
In some models the higher self is that aspect of your being that did not incarnate and stayed ‘home’ to keep your link with the subtle realms. Under this idea, being out of touch with the higher self is the same as having the vile very thick over you, destroying them would lock you out of contact with spirit altogether.

Under another model, the higher self is your own spirit when you elevate your consciousness. Under this model destroying your higher self is suicide.


Someone I once knew did experiments on this with other people. He guided them through various exercises that were to destroy/alter their higher self… What ended up happening is whenever they did destroy their higher self, a new one happened… or was always their higher self… or something. Like it retroactively was always the new one.

This guy was a bit absolutely fucking insane though. He was a self proclaimed Christian Enochian Thelemite. He was pretty powerful though.


I had a friend who banished her higher self and she nearly died. I don’t suggest this.

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Don’t think it’s possible. It’s like trying to destroy Source. It ain’t going to happen. :wink: In my mind the only things that will happen if you try to destroy or banish your HS are, 1) you’ll become very miserable since you’ll have become severely misaligned with who you really are, or 2) you’ll die, or 3) nothing happens.

I assume you’re asking a hypothetical question. I suggest you read Abraham Hicks. In their parlance, your HS is your Inner Being, and they talk about Inner Beings a lot. :slight_smile:

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I’m on a similar page with Maulbeere, here. To me, the Higher Self is part of a string of versions of yourself that you are yet to become. The way I understand it: Soul --> Higher Self --> Godself. If you could destroy your Higher Self, it could forever impede your ascent and cause who knows what amount of damage to your life and soul.

And really, why would you want to do this? Assuming you are.