Destroying A Church

I was wondering what would be the best possible way to destroy a church community. I am open to any advice. I was thinking about starting out with using some sigil magic to summon a really nasty fiend, I am thinking of placing a sigil/trap of some really nasty and hostile spirits in various places. Perhaps Andras, Chronozon, or Lucifer himself.

I usually do not work with Baneful magick, as I see destruction as usually beneath me… however the people at this church deserve whats coming to them.

I am open to suggestions?

I think the best thing to do is shatter their illusions…conjure something that awakens them to their false realities in life and within the church…unleashing hostile energy is going to make the community more tight knit than anything…maybe even counter what you are attempting to accomplish through their united prayer front from the random devastating occurrences in their individual lives…

Agree. Disillusionment or some kind of scandal from within would be best. If you did something that say caused the church to burn down, it would probably bring everyone close together to rebuild it. Destroy from within the congregation.
Focus on exposing one of the leaders of the church. I wouldn’t inflict sickness because then you are asking for the sympathy card kicking in from the congregation.
Pick a target or two and work on them. You could always plant something “scandalous” on one of them for the others to find and let it I go from there.

Pretend to convert, then ask MANY troublesome questions publicly to the pastor.
Link their lower intestines to water element and give them all explosive diarrhea.

The best way to destroy a house is to weaken its foundation. Destroy all heads of all churches but do it from within if a pastor of a church should die the community will stand stronger. But if the pastor had to commit sin like cheating then the community will turn against him. Humans are idiots but the top point of these idiots are christian humans. They are the most easiest people to manipulate. For someone with an all powerful god they are the first to look the other way when someone is in trouble and the first to run at the sight of fear. But like I said don’t destroy but weaken.

When I go to Church, I conjure Lucifer and direct all the praise, devotion, and worship to him instead of to whatever unseen force they normally direct all that energy to.

This is one of the ways Lucifer suggested to me to “pay” for the things he gives me.

I know this is not exactly on par with what you are asking, but it’s how I contribute in my own way in this regard.

Now, I have a question. To destroy a church requires quite a bit of time, and the end result is vain at best. Couldn’t your time time better spent working on your own ascent and evolution?

Read the above well.

Why even bother? Is the church limiting your advancement? If not you are simply abusing the idea of this religious community to limit yourself (wasting time spent ascending in favor of random destruction=limitation). If they are passive towards you while you are active towards them… be very aware of what moves you in this instance. I think baneful magick is a test placed upon most - when would we use such tools to proper effect and when are we simply allowing the ego to go HAM for no real reason?

Christians like to call hindus, buddhists, psychics, kundalini, yoga, Star Wars, The Force, etc. “THE DEVIL”. And as their own scriptures say, “He that blasphemes the Holy Ghost has no forgiveness, for he has committed an eternal sin.” “Because they said He had an unclean spirit” (The Devil).
So, you can spread the word among occultists these people are calling everyone outside of their ‘impotent’ belief system ‘the devil’.
(I know experientially what I am talking about here. OVER AND OVER, YEAR AFTER YEAR).
You can also surround yourself with grey energy, then, when you have got lots of it gathered, you can throw it at the church or person(s) involved. (This technique, I got from the Joy of Satan site).
E A Koetting tells of a person that would sit in a church and vampirize the energy in the church that was thrown around by worshipers. Just suck in the energy. In the BALG ebook, Koetting tells how to imagine a line hooking up to a person or persons and sucking them dry. Visualizing their energy as blue and when you inhale, you suck their blue energy (or gold, or white) into yourself, and on the exhale, you keep the energy in yourself.
The Joy of Satan site has a similar technique where you hook up the energy line to the person (preferably while they are asleep, as their psychic defenses are down.) Then you suck them dry.
You can also find something criminal about them to use legally.
Just some options.

Because the destruction would signify my progression into godhood. It will show my ability to destroy, since baneful magick is my least proficient area of my magickal abilities. It will be like a test to see how strong I have become… also because the world would be a better place with one less church in it. Two birds, One stone.

You could work with Black Shuck, it is a hell hound who has a history of damaging churches. I would be careful though in the lore it has killed, so just be strong.

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[quote=“SinisterShadow, post:1, topic:3363”]I am open to suggestions?


I suggest you find something better to do