Destiny magick

Hello everyone, I wanted to start this thread to discuss manipulating the universe for the desired destiny we want with magick. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, magick after all is just using your will and intention for the desired outcome.
Because magick can be so complex I wanted to incorporate a bit of petition magick, writing down with a pen on brown paper as specific as I can how exactly I want my destiny to plan out.
I feel like by doing this the universe gets a clear understanding on how things will be mapped out thus aligning the dominos to fall perfectly in place.
I feel many people who perform magick with goals of living your dreams are too vague with their requests, and many people don’t even know how to find the stepping stones to reach their goal in the first place.
It’s important to be realistic with what you want, truly you can have anything, just be realistic on how you will receive what you want, which is something I’ve learned the hard way.
So tonight I’ll be setting up a ritual in which I will write my plans out and how I’d like my destiny to be brought to me. I will anoint the paper with essential oil, fold it towards me, and basically I will treat this ritual like traditional petition magick.
I’m encouraging anyone to please add to this, I love incorporating new ideas in my magick, lately a lot of my magick has been strong and potent. I no longer dabble in love spells anymore, they are very real and I’ve gotten myself into some fucked up situations several times this year, feels like the craziest coincidences ever but that’s magick for ya.

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What about the Morai, the 3 Goddesses of Fate?