Desperately needing some hope. Success in manipulation?

I really, really feel like I’m giving up. In everything, including mágick, and I don’t want to. But I just have no success.
Ive already checked the page of fantastical success stories, I’ve read every story on there so many times over the past 4 years - but my situation is ongoing and all I’m doing is getting sicker and weaker and everything’s getting worse.
I have a brilliant person working in the situation for me, someone who I’m beyond grateful to <3 but sometimes I just worry terribly that maybe sometimes magick isn’t enough for some people?
Is it possible that some people’s will is just so strong that it just cannot be changed?
I will do absolutely anything, to get just one wish - my one wish is something so mundane, so simple, something that everyone else just has by default and takes for granted.
Ive tried every possible way magically and otherwise to achieve it - but mine and my family’s lives are all completely ruled by a person who is unstable, unreasonable, merciless and thinks of NO ONE but themselves.
I feel like I will genuinely need a miracle to get what I NEED here… if I can onky have this one thing, I swear I can do so much good in the world and help so many people. I have the most brilliant brain, a good heart abd so much potential….
If it were inly possible to go to a crossroads and sell your soul to the devil I would do it to achieve this one wish that has kept my life on hold for YEARS.
Could someone please tell me your stories of times when you’ve achieved something through magick that you thought was impossible - or something that was otherwise so so unlikely to happen?

Especially times when you’ve successfully manipulated someone to do something they were determined not to do?

It would just help me so much to hear some stories like that… I just desperately need to feel hope </3


Hey how’s it goin. I understand your going through a bit of a rough patch. My family was the same way. But in the end I had to separate myself from their environment.
It took alot if strength and I literally ended up joining to the Marines just to get away but in the end I made the right decision.
Mental illness runs rampant in my family but no one bothers to address it. They simply suck the life out of each other like vampires until they blow up.
But the truth about magic is as within so without. I had to change myself to change the world around me. It was the one thing in life I had control over. After living a life full of traumatic experiences I can find sympathy in not all but most situations others find their selves in.
We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are and We are a products of our environment. The trick is changing your environment into something you aspire to be and then you will follow.
If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. Sometimes we just need people to listen and hear us out you know.


One thing you have to keep in mind in these types of situations is that you may be keeping yourself in the situation because you get something out of it. I know that is not the sort of thing people like to read, but I might as well state it.

You have to imagine what it will be like when the situation is finally gone. How will you feel? What will you be doing?