Desperately need help with Evocation

Hello BALG. I’ve been trying all sorts of methods to perform magic for the past 5 years , haven’t had any success at all :frowning:
Yesterday I tried to do another standard evocation , staring at the sigil while chanting the enn of the spirit and even though I did it for nearly 30 mins , nothing happened. I’m at my wits’ end about how I’m supposed to go about this.
Please help.

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What method did you use and what spirit were you calling on?

Hello. While looking at the sigil of an entity (there are also other possible approaches), best if on paper (draw it the better you can without worrying, or print it), relax your eyes, try either to pull your vision back or to “sink”, to almost look through the sigil itself.
Maybe, also observe your breath: the air going in and out, your chest rising and falling. Eventually the sigil “opens”, for example its lines may disappear and then reappear almost 3D, like floating.
If you want to see the spirit, visualize a figure (described in a grimoire, or a generic human…) in the smoke of incense or get a quartz ball/black screen etc. ready, and repeat the enn or “(Name) I call you, come, appear before me…”
Look at the smoke or scrying device the same way (gazing) you looked at the sigil.
The evocation may then focus on obtaining information or a certain type of change.

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The general method recommended for novices. I was staring at the sigil of the spirit , and chanting it’s enn. The spirit I was trying to contact was Sargatanas.

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Okay so just a few things do you have your fundamentals down, do you have those foundational skills so to speak which are quite crucial to evocation such as the following.

  1. Energy Work : Can you sense energy, can you distinguish between different kinds of energy, energy within yourself and external energies. Can you manipulate energy, direct it, move it, etc, this is quite important.

  2. Trance/Altered States : Can you enter into trance to be able to observe things from an alternative vantage, beginning to allow you to see beyond the finite scope of your physical surroundings.

  3. Skill Of Banishing/Cleansing : Clearing the energetic/metaphysical build up of an area and environment is important before and after the actual evocation itself.

Gazing into a sigil with the “scrying” gaze is important, you can form a mental, emotional and energetic connection to the entity via this method. Once that connection is established something as simple as vibrating the entities name as a mantra, or reciting it’s associated chant/enn, among litanies or incantations to draw forth the entity into the area, wherein it gathers around you as a formless non-anthropomorphic body.

Gazing into an area entering deeper and deeper into trance, whilst in the scrying gaze the internal facilities open up receiving impressions through the internal tunnels of perception utilising the imagination as an interface to do so. This internal feed gets projected towards you as you funnel energy and power towards the area you’re looking at, as the fullness of the entity in the area accumulates in that space and is given a form and a body by yourself to better interact with it. You may also use a manifestation base or a medium to project that vision and voice in a solidified and stabilised manner through incense smoke, water, blood, a black mirror etc. These are the very simplest of basics, that’ll allow for a simple interaction between you and the spirit, but there are many more advanced methods for more tangible results.


I’m a bit ashamed to admit , but no. I wouldn’t say I have an established base in any of these areas. I didn’t even know about the “scrying gaze” , I just thought staring at the sigil while chanting the enn would work fine.

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Yeah I’d recommend not trying to just jump into evocation, learn your foundations and fundamentals. Such as meditation for the sake of quieting the mind, stabilising emotions, raising energy and learn trance to enter altered states, learn scrying gaze for opening sigils and well “scrying”. Energy work is fundamentally important, sensing it, discerning it, changing it, manipulating it, raising it, directing and programming it etc. Learn methods of cleansing and banishing, protection. Learn about the step by step for evocation, such as your research into the entity in order to gather enough applicable information and at the same time immerse your psyche into the quintessence of the chosen spirit this is commonly known as preparatory immersion.

Learn the necessary states like theta gamma sync, the crossroad state, the rapture etc. learn structuring, as well as the important factors like preliminary invocations, that which prepare the magician for the evocation allowing them to access and channel a large considerable amount of energy and power, while assuming a divine authority form in order to ensure the spirit comes, in order to be the centre of creation and the operator, there are several kinds of preliminary rites such as summoning the watchtowers, LBRP, the boneless rite, invocation of omnipotence and countless many more.

Staring at a sigil and spending hours and hours reciting something will do just about nothing, and even if it does do something one needs to ensure they have the ability to see the spirit, sense it and hear it in order to get a truly successful evocation, the entity may bestow vital information, it may not want to work with you, there may be many considerable factors which need to be taken into account, so ensure all these are sorted first.


I understand that for a comprehensive study and to begin working in magic , I would need to work through these fundamentals , I do. And I know I seem like I want to skip this and get results instantly , and I won’t lie , I do have some things I want which are on a time constraint. Is there anything that I can do now , to get results quickly , a cheat code of sorts , methods even a novice can perform to get results?

I will take action on the fundamentals you have recommended for the future. But for the situation I am currently in , it would simply be untenable to go through all that , because time itself wouldn’t allow me to get what I wanted by then. I guess what I’m asking is , for what I want now , is there anything I can do as a noob?

When a quick result is needed, it seems that help may come from invoking/praying either Santa Muerte (“quick as death”, I’ve read) or St Expedite.

The only issue with that suggestion is working with Santa Muerte is a very devotional path, as a traditionalist in the Santa Muerte following myself it’s a very challenging, time consuming, money consuming and tough path that is really a lifetime thing, which is why all my clients and students who ask about her, I always advise not to go down that route unless you feel her calling to you and will devote yourself entirely, for myself and many other devotees it’s a big commitment like a having a child for example.

My Altar For Glorious Santa Muerte


Ok, i’ll give you some workarounds. Some of the best magick i ever did happened when i literally didn’t know fuck-all about conjure, so don’t let lack of experience stop you from trying new things.

Try as much as you can to start this ritual at 12:00am Wednesday. Doing this allows you to time the ritual to land on a Friday, which is the day of Venus. The Greater Key of Solomon chapter 2 says ‘The Days and Hours of Venus are good for forming friendships; for kindness and love; for joyous and pleasant undertakings, and for travelling;’ and ‘The Hours of Venus are furthermore useful for lots, poisons, all things of the nature of Venus, for preparing powders provocative of madness and the like things.’ These are the Sagatanas’ abilities as given in the Grimoire Verum and the Grand Grimoire/Dragon Rouge.

For 3 days from Wednesday to Friday, drink only water, minimize all human contact, and avoid ejaculation or orgasm. The reason for this has nothing to do with purity, chastity, or holiness and is not religious. It’s because digestion draws focus away from your mind to your gut, human interaction divert your focus which limits your ability to go into trances, and sexual orgasm also diverts your focus to a person. In order to gain initial contact with a spirit force, you have to focus all of your time and energy on that force alone for a few days to build momentum.

Also, the fasting puts you into a state where you’re constantly moving in and out of mid-level trances, so if you have no experience inducing your own trances, that’s not a problem - the fasting will make going into trances automatic once you start skrying the sigil.

During this fasting/seclusion time period, buy and consecrate a thick black marker, paper, sandalwood or myrtle incense, and 2 sky blue candles for the ritual.

Also during the seclusion period, do the Betty Erickson induction every hour on the hour to calm your mind, then recite the following invocation immediately afterward: ‘Astrachios, Asach, Ascala, Abedumabal, Silat, Anabotas, Jesubilin, Scingin, Geneon, Domol. O Adonai ha-Aretz who seeth even unto the depths, I pray that Thou unto me the things which I have in my mind and that I may be successful in them: through Thee, O Great Spirit and who reigns for ever and ever. Astaroth + Ador + Cameso + Valuerituf + Mareso + Lodir + Cadomir + Aluiel + Calniso + Tely + Plorim + Viordy + Cureviorbas + Cameron + Vesturiel + Vulnavij + Benez meus Calmiron + Noard + Nisa + Chenibranbo + Calevodium + Brazo + Tabrasol + Astaroth, bring Sargatanas to me to answer my requests and fulfill my desires, Amen. Osurmy + Delmusan + Atalsloym + Charusihoa + Melany + Liamintho + Colehon + Paron + Madoin + Merloy + Ulerator + Donmedo + Hone + Peloym + Ibasil + Meon + Alymdrictels + Person + Crisolsay + Lemon Sessle Nidar Horiel Peunt + Halmon + Asophiel + Ilnostreon + Baniel + Vermias + Slevor + Noelma + Dorsamot + Lhavala + Omor + Framgam + Beldor + Dragin + with these words i call Sargatanas to answer my requests and fulfill my desires.’ This invocation is taken from the Grimoire Verum.

At some point after you have done the above invocation, light some incense. Then consecrate your materials (marker, paper, candle, and incense) by passing them through the incense smoke and saying something like 'i consecrate you to call on Sargatanas to(day/night). You don’t have to do them all at the same time. you can do one per hour after the invocation. The important point is that you set the intention to use each of these things to call the spirit and charge the objects with that intention.

At another point after you recite the above mantra, draw the following sigil using the pen and paper.

Another way to make the sigil if you have a color printer is to copy/paste the above into Photoshop or GIMP and then change the image and background color so the symbol and writing are in sky blue (hex color #87CEEB) and the background is cerise (hex color #C51959). Sky blue is the Queen scale for Venus while cerise is the Empress/Princess scale, in Liber 777 columns XVIII and XVI. If you don’t have a color printer, don’t worry about it; use the paper and marker you consecrated to create the sigil in black and white.

When the sigil is made, again light some incense, pass the sigil through the smoke, and consecrate the sigil by saying 'i consecrate you sigil to open the road for me to call on Sagatana to(day/night). Then put the sigil on a table you’ll use as your altar and put two candles on either side of it.

If you started on Wednesday at midnight the 3rd day will be Friday, but that’s not mandatory. the planetary hour is more important than the day. It helps to have both but if you can only choose one, align to the planetary hour.

Whatever day the 3rd day happens to be, use a planetary days and hours calculator to find the Venus hours for the day. You’ll have 4 Venus hour time periods for that day. If you possibly can, repeat this ritual during all 4 of those Venus hour periods; each one of them represents an elemental attribution for Venus. If you can’t do all 4, just do the most convenient one(s) for you for that day, but it helps to do this during all 4.

During those Venus hour time periods, follow the basic 6-step outline from pages 86-90 in Patrick Dunn’s book Postmodern Magick. This 6 step outline is as follows:

1 - Make room by cleansing yourself and doing a banishing ritual.
Before the ritual, say ‘i consecrate myself to call on Sargatanas to(day/night).’ Then wash your hands and feet.

For Judeochristian magick many people like the LBRP, but this is demonic so i suggest instead that you do Liber 25 (Aleister Crowley’s Star Ruby). If you’ve never done the Star Ruby before, watch the entire ritual here.

2 - Claim Higher authority
Repeat the mantra you’ve said for the last 3 days: ‘Astrachios, Asach, Ascala, Abedumabal, Silat, Anabotas, Jesubilin, Scingin, Geneon, Domol. O Adonai ha-Aretz who seeth even unto the depths, I pray that Thou unto me the things which I have in my mind and that I may be successful in them: through Thee, O Great Spirit and who reigns for ever and ever.’ This gives you authority from a higher power.

3 - Magical links. In the conjuration, call the salamanders in the South. Then call Astaroth and ask Astaroth to bring Sagatana to you. Sagatana is a servitor under Astartoth in the Grimoire Verum. Finally, call Sagatana.

The conjurations are below:

Repeat this 7 times to call Astaroth: ‘Astaroth + Ador + Cameso + Valuerituf + Mareso + Lodir + Cadomir + Aluiel + Calniso + Tely + Plorim + Viordy + Cureviorbas + Cameron + Vesturiel + Vulnavij + Benez meus Calmiron + Noard + Nisa + Chenibranbo + Calevodium + Brazo + Tabrasol + Astaroth, bring Sagatana to me, Amen.’

Then repeat this 18 times to call Sagatana: ‘Osurmy + Delmusan + Atalsloym + Charusihoa + Melany + Liamintho + Colehon + Paron + Madoin + Merloy + Ulerator + Donmedo + Hone + Peloym + Ibasil + Meon + Alymdrictels + Person + Crisolsay + Lemon Sessle Nidar Horiel Peunt + Halmon + Asophiel + Ilnostreon + Baniel + Vermias + Slevor + Noelma + Dorsamot + Lhavala + Omor + Framgam + Beldor + Dragin + Invoco res extensa Sagatana. Come, Sagatana.’

Now skry the sigil the way you did before, repeating and vibrating the enn ‘Invoco res extensa Sagatana’ until you see the sigil moving. When you skry, you’ll notice the sigil seems to pulse and breathe. Breathe in time with it. It may seem to be breathing really quickly. In that case, breathe at half the speed so you stay relaxed. But breathe in time to the sigil and keep repeating its enn. When you get a lock where you and the sigil are breathing either at the same tempo or when you’re breathing at half the speed it is, you have a lock that gives you a better connection with Sagatana.

Everybody has a different experience when a spirit is present that they can’t see or perceive. In my experience i feel cool air around my forehead and cranium, as if someone turned a fan or air conditioner on around my head. I also get time distortion. These are hypnotic phenomena. You may get other things, for example seeing quick daydream visions with your eyes open, or the sigil changes color or moves around wildly on the paper, it may even drift off leaving the paper blank; temporary forgetfulness of what you’re saying or doing, or you may feel a pressure in your forehead, or see things in the periphery, or hear things like there’s someone around you, animals in the background, banging in the walls, etc. Those are trance ratifications that let you know you can speak to the spirit.

4 - Communicate
When you feel like you have full contact with the spirit, ask it to do whatever you want it to. If you can, describe what you want it to do in detail, or visualize what you want it to do for you like you’re watching a movie, or if you can, act out what you want it to do like you’re in a movie scene.

5 - License to depart
Release the spirit into your nonlocal body and the air around you so it can do its thing.

6 - Release
Patrick Dunn (like most mages) says to banish, but i’m not big on banishing helpful spirits you called to do work on your behalf. They may need to come back to you at any time. A license to depart is all the release you really need because it leaves room for the spirit to come and go as it pleases, when you have a helpful spirit you can trust, that can be useful.

Give that a shot see what happens.


It may also help to understand the spirit and what it can do.

Sagatana is a servitor under Astaroth and is known in Quimbanda as Exu Veludo (Exu Velvet). Google around to find out what Velvet does, some of the gifts he likes, etc. This gives a bit more detail than what you’ll find in the Verum or Dragon Rouge.

Whatever you do, though, do NOT call him with the firmas in Quimbanda. That type of work requires licensia and can be dangerous if you’re uninitiated and don’t understand how to work it.


don’t try. just lose yourself, don’t analyze