Desperate seeking advice or help

Anyone who would listen to my stories i do have many. When i was 6 i always seen spirits and hear voices hear songs sung by choir . Just a few weeks ago i awoke from a child voice screaming help me moma help me i heard hits i start crying ima help you baby. So the next day i asked my daughter if anyone was beating on her she said no maam. She was fine si i called my exhusband he use to beat snd his lil son whos e only five naked. And for some time he wouldnt let me talk to him he still cause me mom tells me he loves me theres nothing i can do cause hes not mine so i called dss i was scared he mite beat the lil boy sensely. Well this all happen the same week. My cousin called me and told me our cousin was missing jfromcollege they found his body 5days later we just burried him today. He was.

I’d recommend a personal consultation with EA to sort out the chaos in your life.

Also, bathe with water and salt (especially sea salt or epsom salt if available), burn frankincense or sage incense perform banishings to cleanse your mind and environment.