Desperate need help

hey I’m in a really fucked up situation I’ve Haden 5 family members hurt in the past few weeks one past away one hade a stroke one was diagnose with cancer and all this other b.s. and givin a year to live and two others were hospitalized form injuries I don’t know what’s going on I’m DESPERATE I need like a spell to protect my whole family and if i didnt would it have any bad side effects? or something anything… I’m a beginner magician i need more experience magicians help I don’t know who’s doing this or if anyone doing anything at all I need your guys help.

Have you done anything spiritual that might have triggered this to happen?

Sounds like malnutrition.

Start doing a daily protection ritual. Put all your need into it. Also decide what you want your life to be like and start living as much as possible as if it’s already the way you want it. Offer what help you can but don’t waste your time dragging people up ladders who won’t help you climb.

I would make a pact with a powerful Demon like Belial. I know he’s thought of as the evil one, but he really will help you in times of crisis if you treat him well. And then ofcourse Azazel, who is my personal guardian, I think most magickians use him. I have a ring that I’ve dedicated to Belial and I’ve avoided some nasty situations too.

Here ya go buddy, I was inspired to write this from answering this post and seeing so many others like it:!!/msg71829/#msg71829

Good luck