Desperate for results

It’s been 3 months since I’ve been practicing magick. Till date I have experienced no real thing happening. Can someone help me by telling something that will show immediate results

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What kinds of things have you tried using so far?

Maybe if we can give you some constructive feedback, or info on how long something similar took for us, that would be helpful. :+1:


Desperation polarizes you in the opposite way of what you want , n you should focus on building your energy up internally before you look externally for results



letting go of the spell. stop looking for signs, stop counting the days, months etc.


Do you meditate weekly at least? Do you practice daily or weekly? I would suggest doing small spells such as small gain or small loss to test the waters. You must let go of your craving of instant success. Ill leave you with some words of wisdom from a great leader:

“Men willingly believe what they wish.”


In my experience – internal changes (i.e. magic directed at your personality, mindset, attitude) are more likely to happen in a shorter period of time than material results (e.g. a new car, a promotion, a girlfriend/boyfriend, whatever).

That only happens in Hollywood. And the more desperate you are for something to happen immediately, the less likely it is to occur. Call it the hostile observer effect, or “a watched kettle never boils”.

What kind of magic have you been practicing – any specific system? Are you aware of “lust for results” and how it negatively impacts your magic?


Spells don’t always work the first time. Sometimes, you need to do a spell more than once to get results. And most of all, you must believe that the spell will work.