Desires fading with use of magic

Have you ever noticed that once you start doing magic, you start to lose interest in certain things and replace them or come back to new things with a new desire?

This happened to me with video games. I used to fill up literally all my time with video games and it made me miserable even though I liked video games. I became a gaming addict. Now I’ll game only on free days and I read books or do art stuff most of the time. I haven’t even touched my computer for two days now, even though I can go there whenever I want. (I last used it to check email, lol).

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how old are you

19 Why?

It’s not just magic it’s any self development path.
You start being more focused on the major things and the bigger picture.
Things not helping you with that will end up getting ignored, naturally withdrawing attention and energy from them to more suitable matters.


its amazing at such young age and i seen your post yoz are much expirienced


Try working with saturn for discipline and patience. Also practice is good, but its also good to take short breaks from practising magick